I did my research on what will happen in sixth season of Arrow and I gotta say that this is going to be a great season even though I would prefer if Stanley Dover & Anatoly Kynavez were the main villains. However, we'll still get to see Anatoly in the sixth season which will be good and perhaps he'll become KG Beast just like in the comics. Here are my thoughts on what each plot line will be like after doing research on what is planned for the sixth season. 

A Broken John Diggle: I know this is a spoiler alert, however, David Ramsey has confirmed that his  character Diggle has survived the explosion at Lian Yu (Thank God for that!!!), however, he revealed in an article that I've read that Diggle will be broken emotionally and physically in a way that no one has ever seen before which will affect the team 
Dinah Drake

I know Dinah works with the SCPD. However, I feel that Team Arrow's life would be a lot easier if they had an inside person in the SCPD whose either a detective, sergeant, captain, or lieutenant. Because of Oliver being mayor, it would make sense for Diggle to become a sergeant and it would make sense because of his time in the Army.

and his relationship with Lyla. According to Ramsay, Lyla will be part of the problem because she is the head of A.R.G.U.S, an organization tasked with hunting down metahumans. This will be Diggle feeling conflicted since Dinah Drake is a metahuman who is a part of Team Arrow. Ramsay claims that the struggle with metahumans may prove to be too much for Diggle and will make Diggle start keeping secrets. I don't quite get that part because I thought Lyla was on good terms with Team Flash since Barry, Cisco, and Wally are all metahumans who are good guys.I see no reason for Lyla to go after Dinah because of that. I also have this feeling that Diggle might start being like James Doakes from Dexter. Doakes has a darkness inside of him because of all the traumatic things he has witnessed during the war and tries to cope with it by being as legally violent as he can. Diggle might try to cope with the trauma from everything that has happened on Lian Yu by electing to use his skills as a member of the SCPD. I can see Diggle being a cop because Oliver is going to need an inside guy in the SCPD who has a leadership position and Quentin Lance can't obviously have time to be a police captain since he is too busy being the deputy mayor of Star City.  Felicity Smoak Starting Her Own Company: Another article that I've read is that Felicity Smoak will start
Felicity Smoak

Felicity the businesswoman. Now that would be interesting to see. It would benefit Oliver as mayor if his girlfriend, fiance, or future wife is a businesswoman.

her company. They said this was something they wanted to do in the fifth season, however, they decided to replace that with the whole Helix storyline. They won't call it Smoak Technologies or Queen Technologies, so I think it might be Queen Inc just like on Eobard Thawne's newspaper that Barry has in the Timevault on The Flash. I was hoping it would be Thea starting her own company and trying to be more of a businesswoman like Moira, however, this would be a lot interesting. I can see Curtis Holt coming to work for Felicity and Walter Steele going all Lucius Fox by giving Felicity business advice on how to run a successful corporation. I wonder if Mr. Dennis will come back and Palmer Tech will be Felicity's competition as well as Kord Industries. I also wonder what inventions that Felicity's tech company will make, perhaps it'll be the ones that Curtis was developing for Palmer Tech before Felicity got fired from her position as CEO of the company. I also think that if she marries Oliver, she might create Q-Pads and Q-Phones just like in the New 52. I think this would be interesting to see and I wonder if Felicity's parents will return. Like maybe Donna Smoak will come back to Star City to visit her daughter and Noah Kuttler might do something to piss Felicity off such as hacking into her company or stealing ideas from other competitors for her company. I also wonder if Helix will come back to bring Felicity into their team after learning she is starting her own company. 
I also like to see Quentin trying to get back together with Donna because I think that they make a good couple. I also wonder if we'll see characters such as Niaomi Singh, Jimmy Crew, Adrien Rivers, and Sofia Cordon. 

Richard Dragon/Ricardo Diaz: I'm really excited to be seeing Ricardo next year. In this wiki, he is stated to be an ex-con recently released from prison for crimes he didn't commit. Ricardo uses his freedom and 25 million dollars in settlement money to establish control over Star City's criminal underworld. He's a martial arts and fighting expert honed by years of life on the street and in prison. I think he'll pretend to be Richard Dragon. Like in the New 52, I think Diaz will lead a team of Green Arrow's enemies called the Longbow Hunters. He would have history with Oliver since he was the son of a drug kingpin killed by John Diggle back when Diggle was posing as the Arrow during the first season. He then goes to train with the real Richard Dragon in Alberta, Canada, kills him, and starts taking his identity. Then, he starts establishing control over the criminal underworld. The reason I would prefer to see Canada in the Arrowverse is because in Batman/Huntress: Cry For Bloodthat was where Helena Bertinelli went to train with Dragon himself. I think Huntress is returning this year and if so, only, Helena will know the truth that Ricardo Diaz is not the real Richard Dragon since Helena has trained with the real one (I know there is no evidence saying she hasn't met the real Richard Dragon, however, that would be cool if they included that this year). In keeping with the season’s found-family theme, a "villainous cabal" rather than a single foe will torment Oliver and Team Arrow throughout the season" I think that "villainous cabal" will be the Longbow Hunters. 

Vigilante's Secret Identity: They say that Vigilante is someone we've seen before and someone that the fans are similar with. I honestly think that Vigilante is a cop because in the episode where he tries to kill  

Frank Pike

There is something off about this guy. I just feel it somewhere in my bones.

Oliver for covering up Billy Malone's death, Vigilante didn't kill Dinah when he had the chance and he didn't kill any of those police officers when they were arriving to the scene of the crime. I think that Vigilante would try to kill Quentin if he had tension with him and knows that Quentin is in league with the Green Arrow. I honestly think that it might be Captain Frank Pike because of that as well as other reasons stated in a previous blog I wrote about this. I honestly don't think it's Nudocerdo and that it's Pike. I also have this weird feeling that Pike knows that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow because of the events in "Sin Eater". If Pike is revealed to be Vigilante, then this would be a good reason to make Diggle replace Pike as captain or something like that since Oliver doesn't approve of Vigilante being out on the streets. I also think Pike hates Oliver for covering up the fact that Green Arrow killed Billy Malone even though it was Prometheus' fault and Pike hates Oliver even more because of him knowing that Billy Malone's killer as well as the Mayor are both the same person. Pike also does have a dislike for Quentin since he called him a pain in the ass in the first episode of the fifth season as well as Quentin trying to cover up the circumstances regarding Billy Malone's death. 

The Huntress' Return: I read an article recently about how Helena Bertinelli might return as the Huntress and that would be good to see. Perhaps Lyla decided to include her in the Suicide Squad or Helena returns to Star City to deal with something. I think that Steven Mandragora would be a good antagonist for Helena. Mandragora is introduced as Diaz's competition and he decides to try to steal Frank Bertinelli's money to finance his criminal empire. However, Frank has a hidden safe and Mandragora decides to capture Helena because he can't obviously get Frank's dead body and Tobias Church probably got rid of Pino Bertinelli's body after having him killed. Mandragora would hire Omerta the Silencer to bring Helena to him. He tries to get Helena to join him, however, Helena still refuses even after Mandragora kills Omerta. I think Helena should turn a new leaf and spare Mandragora because she deserves to be given a redemption like Black Siren. I also would prefer if Mandragora was like his DCAU counterpart where he is albino, has super-strength, and can resist Dinah's 'Canary Cry' as well as Oliver's explosive/stun arrows. Helena only spares Mandragora because he has a son named Edgar who is a little boy and this would fit the fact that family is the theme for the sixth season. I also think Mandragora should become the CEO of Palmer Tech and use the company as a front for his illegal activities because Mr. Dennis might turn to crime because of the hard times that the company is facing. This would be like Tobias Whale becoming the CEO of Kord Enterprises like in Batman: Gotham Underground

Deathstroke Storyline: I think that we'll get to see Slade's son Joseph this season. Like in the comics, Joe was held hostage by the terrorist Jackal to obtain confidential information from Slade regarding activities from ASIS. Because Slade refused to cooperate with Jackal because of his honorable code, Jackal's men cuts Joseph's throat despite Slade trying to save his own son. Adeline then divorces Slade which is why she takes him as well as his older brother Grant with her. Joseph learns sigh language and has the ability to take
Deathstroke (Grant Wilson)

I think season 6 should be a bit like Gotham by showing the origins of The Legends of Tomorrow character Grant Wilson.

possession of any human being by making eye contact with them. I think Joseph would be all grown up right now so like in the DC Rebirth, Joseph works as an 
executive vice-president for a tech firm that his mother owns in Los Angeles, and is engaged to his interpreter, Etienne. Although mute and still using ASL, Jericho uses a special technology called a "subvocal mic," which let aperson's phone Bluetooth sync with the mic so he can vocalize his thoughts through the phone in a computerized voice. I also think that Slade's ASIS boss Wade DeForge would be an antagonist for Slade just like in the non-canon tie-in novel Arrow: Vengeance because of Slade murdering Billy Wintergreen. I hope this doesn't lead to another tragedy for Slade with Joseph and his mother getting killed. If that were to happen, Grant would go after his father blaming him for what happened. Or like in the New 52, Grant is evil and tries to kill Joseph which is why Slade kills him. I think also like in the DC Rebirth, Grant should run away from his family as a teenager after the divorce and meet young members of H.I.V.E who recruit him while spying on his family in the process. Grant establishes a relationship with one of the young women and joins H.I.V.E in his adultlife. 

A Humorous Green Arrow: Stephen Amell wants to see a humorous Green Arrow in the sixth season. I think that would work because if Oliver goes back to killing, then Prometheus will have won. I don't see Green Arrow being humorous because he sounds so serious with his voice modulator on, however, we'll see. I think that would be cool because I think that Oliver will finally let go of his darkness. I think it would be great to see Oliver's personality just like in the comics while still being a bit serious. 

What do you guys think?