With season 2 ending, what's next with Team Supergirl and Team Guardian? Here are some ideas that I have for the third season of the show. I also don't mind Reign being the main antagonist this mind, I think that's a good call to make. 

A Guardian Storyline: In the second season, they made James Olsen become Guardian and Winn become his ally code named Man In The Van. I don't mind that at all, I think it was the best idea ever to make these things happen as well as Winn being a D.E.O agent. I personally I think those changes were made to make Winn and James something to do in the third season. Like in Arrow Season 5, John Diggle had General Walker as an antagonist and I think Team Guardian should have one for the third season. I think the antagonist for Team Guardian should be Morgan Edge and the Intergang. I got the idea from the season 2 episode Crossfire where Chet Miner and his thugs were using alien guns given to them by Lillian Luthor & Cadmus. Like in the comics, Guardian decides to start protecting the Suicide Slum (which could be a crime ridden neighborhood in National City instead of Metropolis just like the Glades in Arrow) and Edge is responsible for the Intergang's activities there. I also think that John Henry Irons should appear as a resident of the Suicide Slum and then become a superhero known as Steel with help from his niece Natasha after being inspired by Guardian. I have a feeling that this would be like Ray Palmer becoming the Atom from season three of Arrow. I also feel that Andrea Rojas should appear and be like her Smallville version as a rouge vigilante for Team Guardian to encounter. The only difference is that Andrea works at Cat Co. Worldwide Media instead of the Daily Planet. I also feel that Maggie Sawyer should work with Team Guardian and be like the female version of Quentin Lance. 

Something For Cat Grant To Do: I thought about introducing Toy Man again and he kills Cat's son Adam Foster which upsets everyone, especially Winn. Anton Schott then appears as a criminal known as Dollmaker who starts kidnapping other children and turning them into cybernetic doll-like slaves. Anton starts becoming obsessed with Cat and planned on becoming her son. Anton sent a doll to Cat for every time he kidnaps a child. Cat, as well as Team Supergirl, initially mistook Toyman as being responsible for the missing children and confronted him at his incarceration. However, when J'onn is interrogating Toyman while posing as an FBI agent, he brings one of Anton's dolls to his father at which point it came to life and nearly killed Toyman. Anton soon confronted Cat and kidnapped her to his workshop. He tells her of his origins revealing himself to be Winn's brother (it's kind of like Dexter where Dexter works for a law enforcement agency and has a brother who's a serial killer. Like, one brother hated the Toyman and the other one wanted to be like his father. Winn also never knew he had a brother in the first place) Anton asks Cat to be his new mother until Cat rudely rejects him, angering Anton and causing him to decide on shutting down all his enslaved doll-children, which would kill them. However, Cat cried out for Supergirl's help, who immediately raided Dollmaker's workshop and disarmed the dolls. Cat personally knocked out Dollmaker and left him to be taken away by the authorities. While being devestated, Cat begins a relationship with Morgan Edge despite everyone warning him that's it's not a good idea. However, Cat is only dating her business rival just to get a story on his criminal activities. I actually like Cat would busy herself with work while in her grief and I bet that would put her in a lot of danger with Edge. Cat finds out that Morgan Edge's birth name was Morris Edelstein (kind of like Simon Morrison illegally changing his name to Adrian Chase) After he won his first TV station in a game of poker, he changed his name to Morgan Edge and kept the details of his past closely guarded. Like in his original incarnation, Edge is the president of the Galaxy Broadcasting System, the media corporation that eventually buys the Daily Planet. Edge is stil powerful and self centered media mongul just like in the New 52 except that he leads the Intergang. 

Bring In The Clones: Perhaps Cadmus can start a cloning project. Like the create a person called Anomaly (a clone from a deceased gangster "Bullets" Barstow). He battles Supergirl and is defeated. He  eventually has a change of heart just like in the comics and turns himself over to the D.E.O. Paul Westfield can appear as a member of Cadmus who steals a sample of Guardian's DNA so he can create a super soldier to do his bidding. I was also thinking that Power Girl or Galetea can appear. Like when Kara is recovering at the D.E.O, an agent named Amelia Hamilton or Westfield himself take a sample of Kara's DNA to create a perfect clone of Cadmus. In an episode, there were some D.E.O agents who were working with Cadmus like when they stole the kryptonite and it be good to see some of those corrupt members who share the same vision as the real Hank Henshaw. Kara begins to have dreams of her clone just like in Justice League Unlimited which then causes people like her Alex Danvers to investigate. 

J'onn J'onzz V.S Hank Henshaw Rematch: I hope to see another rematch with J'onn J'onzz and Hank Henshaw anytime soon. I also like to see why the real Hank Henshaw hates aliens so much which is why they should introduce his wife Terri, a pilot that Lex Luthor sends to pilot his new anti-alien Guardian Defense Platform, nearly dies when the Guardian Platform blasts its weapons inside the shuttle, causing a dangerous radiation leak. Superman rescues the crew, however, Terri gets the radiation-spewing shuttle safely away so civilians won't get injured by it crashing. Superman gets her out as soon as he can, however, Terri is cvered in third-degree burns and suffering from locked-in syndrome which makes the real Hank Henshaw blame Superman for it. The only reason Hank is loyal to Lillian Luthor and Cadmus is because he has respect for Lillian in reviving him and Lex for always trying to destroy Superman. 

More Superman Flashbacks: I like to see more Superman flashbacks as long as they are relevent to the story. Like Kara is worried that if Lena ever finds out her secret, then she will hate her and probably go down a dark path like her brother Lex and then are flashbacks back when Clark Kent was best friends with Lex. Lex discovers Clark's secret when he arrives to the Fortress of Solitude and it's like in Smallville where he tries to tear it down. Clark also has nightmares of Lex using a sword to attack him and then the sword smashes causing Lex to discover Clark's secret making him angered even more. This is also from Smallville

Maggie & Alex's Relationship: In the second season, they made Alex Danvers discover she is into women and made Maggie her love interest which is fine by me. I think their wedding should take place since the 4 story crossover with some drama involved such as Maggie finding out that Alex once dated Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli is a terrific actor by the way and I would love to see him come back for a few episodes).  This is when Livewire decides to make life better from women just like in the Superman Adventure comic books based on the DCAU. Lord replaces Lex Luthor by the being one who subdues Livewire since Livewire is costing his entertainment divisions a lot of money. I was also thinking that Max would have Ms. Thorn (a comic book character by the way) as his Mercy Graves. To go back on topic, during the wedding, I would love to see Maggie's parents appear when Alex wants to invite to the wedding and Alex tries to make them accept the fact that Maggie is a lesbian (nothing wrong with that by the way). I bet that would create a lot of tension between the two lovers. 

Bring In The Characters From The Batverse: There should be an episode similar to Girls Night Out where Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn break Livewire out of prison in Gotham City which is why Kara goes over there. Kara teams up with Bat Girl (Barbara Gordon) and Detective Ellen Yin (from The Batman) in order to stop them. They should make Night Wing come to National City and team up with Guardian because if there is a girls night out, then why can't there be a guys night out? I hope that Night Wing, Bat Girl, Ellen Yin, and Crispus Allen (who can replace Harvey Bullock's role by the way) can appear if Batman is not aloud to. I honestly do think that Batman exists on Supergirl's Earth. 

The Return of Barrage: In The Darkest Place, we got to see Phillip Karnowsky being like the Punisher, however, I would love to see him come back and this time take the name Barrage. Like, Bruno Manheim appears as a thug working for Morgan Edge and Ace of Clubs owner Ron Milano. Bruno made counterfeit money and mugged Winn while stealing his laptop. That makes the D.E.O desperate to catch the culprits responsible since Winn's laptop contains sensitive info about the agency and could comprimise it's secrecy. Cat becomes Stilletto and everything goes the way that happened to Lois in Smallville while Clark's role is replaced by Kara being Super Girl. Unfortunately, Manheim was using kryptonite on the counterfeit money, however, and weakened Supergirl enough that Bruno could punch her to the floor and beat her. Cat, as Stiletto, jumped down and knocked Kara away in time. As Bruno went to shoot her, Kara jumped in front of Cat, blocking her from danger. Jimmy (who's been posing as a bartender) came in and takes Bruno down. While in prison, Bruno meets Phillip Karnowsky and arranges for him to escape since Bruno feels that Karnowsky can takeout the competition for him as well as Edge so that Bruno can takeover. This is kind of like what Kingpin did to the Punisher in season two of Daredevil. Guardian is then forced to work with Barrage to save the day just like Punisher working with Daredevi in the end of the second season.