Hey guys, I know that Flashpoint is now over, however, I wish we could've seen how Barry's actions affected everyone during the timeline other than Wally, Joe, Iris, and other people living in Central City. I have some ideas on what that would've been like and hope you all like them.

Thomas Wayne As Batman: I know they can't introduce Bruce Wayne as Batman, but how about Thomas? This would all be like the comics except that Thomas is still the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Penguin manages the Iceburg Lounge while providing info to Thomas. I read an article recently about how Robin Lord Taylor wants to appear on The Flash and this would've been a perfectly good opportunity to introduce him as well the show Gotham into the Arrowverse. Also, I can see Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the murderous Thomas Wayne in this version. After the death of his son Bruce, killing Matches Malone, and Martha Wayne becoming the Joker, Thomas went to train with the League of Assassins. Thomas then returns to become Batman after Lance decides to become a vigilante and this all happens by coincidence. 

Quentin Lance Becoming Like James Gordon: Before Lance started to respect Oliver again, he blamed for supervillians suddenly appearing. There is always superhereos appearing and then supervillians later on. In Gotham, supervillians are appearing for James Gordon & The GCPD to encounter before Bruce Wayne even becomes Batman. I think that before all of this happens, supervillians appearing before superheroes, Lance should encounter supervillians such as Derek Sampson (who still becomes a metahuman after falling into a vat of Stardust during a SCPD raid), Schimtar (who is a masked assassin working for the Bertinelli Crime Family), Laura washington, Lester Buckinsky/The Electrocutioner, Brother Eye (which is still led by Felicity Smoak who was arrested by the FBI instead of Cooper Seldon and ended up becoming like him), Mr. Blank, Martin Somers, China White, Garfield Lynns/Firefly, and Clock King. Lance has Tobias Church (I kind of feel that Church has some good in him due to trying to prevent that guard from being killed by Prometheus and that Church deserves to be given a chance for redemption) as his partner and similar to Harvey Bullock from Gotham. I also think that Brian Nudocerdo should be Lance's Captain Barnes from Gotham. Lance eventually becomes an alcoholic because of the pressures of the job causing his wife to leave him and have a strained relationship with Laurel. When the Brick does what he did in the third season of Arrow by taking over the Glades and blackmailing the police to leave the neighborhood, Lance and Church both work with Wild Dog (Rene Ramirez, who became a vigilante after his wife was killed by a drug dealer and his daughter was sent into foster care) to stop Brick. Lance then retires to become a bounty hunter while being a vigilante with Ramirez. The relationship between Lance and Ramirez in the fifth season of Arrow who was terrific and I can see those two working together as allies. 

Green Arrow Industries: Oliver Queen is the president and CEO of Green Arrow Industries, a giant military contracting company. He also leads a former military team calling themselves the Green Arrows. He employs Colonel Jim Harper, Winn Schott Jr., and Curtis Holt. Oliver was at some point acquainted with Mckenna Hall, who pulled strings to try to get John Diggle to obtain a high-paying security job. Oliver was planning to pay Diggle at a salary of $200,000 per year after learning how he had a military background, however, he and Mckenna waited in the restaurant all night long when Diggle didn't show up (apparently because he became suspicious of Adrian Chase and decided to investigate him). Oliver Queen is considered to be an inventive genius, however, he would steal advanced gadgets from super-villains for military use. One day a female raider savagely attacks his company that kills his entire team of Green Arrow only leaves him only the sole survivor. One of the Green Arrows Jim Harper who is one of Oliver Queen's closest friends dies in the attack. But before he dies Jim Harper gives Oliver some final haunting words “You have it in you to do something inspiring, Ollie, and I’m going to watch you do it.” With these final words from his dead friend, Oliver can’t help but wonder about the potential of his Green Arrow Industries. Because of the tragedy, Oliver then promised himself that he would then look after Jim Harper's nephew Roy Harper, a young street orphan living in the Glades of Star City who would often get into trouble with the law. While trying to look after Roy, who eventually started to date his sister Thea, Oliver wondered if he can fulfill Jim’s dreams of turning his corporation itself into a superhero. He would wonder what would it take for a big business to not only fight for people but also inspire them. Oliver decided to seek the mysterious female raider he caught on camera during the attack. Taking his weapons and gadgets to hunt down the woman. Oliver quickly confronted her and they battle. During the battle, Oliver was shocked that the woman is a daughter of Vixen, a supervillainess and former lover of Oliver Queen and the reason she attacked and tried to kill her father was because of his industries build factories specialize in testing super-villain weapons in American towns that inadvertently became targets for the super-villains looking to gain their weapons back. Shocked by her revelation, Oliver had only been stalling before his daughter is killed by his Green Arrow military team that he earlier called. After Oliver returned to Green Arrow Industries, he made it his sworn duty to look after Roy and build weapons to end wars.

Star City's New Protectors: I was thinking that Star City be protected not by the Green Arrow and his team, but by Vigilante and his team. Simon Morrison, otherwise known as Adrian Chase, is Vigilante. In this altered timeline, Simon was born sometime around 1986 to Justin Claybourne and an unnamed woman with the surname Morrison who would later change her name to Amanda Westfield. While growing up, Simon knew and loved his father very much while Claybourne still became the corrupt CEO of Claybourne Pharmaceuticals and eventually became a mob boss. Simon and his father had a loving relationship until Claybourne realized that his son had psychiatric issues and disowned him. Upset by this, Simon had come to regret everything about Claybourne and not doing anything about his corruption. Dropping off the grid completely and  erasing all traces of his existence from the internet, and changing his name to "Adrian Chase", Adrian obsessively studied his father and learned everything he could about him. He even went to train with Talia Al Ghul to learn the ways of the League of Assassins. After coming back to Star City where Jessica Dansforth is the mayor in this timeline, Adrian became a lawyer and eventually became the district attorney. At some point he met and fell in love with a woman named Doris, who later became his wife. Chase then began his crusade by using the money given to him by his father to obtain the equipment he needed to become Vigilante and not Prometheus in order to fight crime outside of his official jurisdictions. Chase is very much like Vigilante in the current timeline, however, he refuses to harm innocent people. Chase even recruited people into his team such as A.D.A Laurel Lance, Kord Industries CEO Ted Kord, and Cat Co. Worldwide Art Director James Olsen. Kord would provide the money and be tech support, Laurel would help Adrian decide what cases are worth investigating, and Olsen was his partner Guardian (just like how Diggle is to Oliver) while providing information that Cat Co had on crimes. Chase attempted to recruit John Diggle (who was in the U.S Special Forces just like in the original timeline and became a police sergeant instead of a bodyguard) into his team. However, Diggle refused since he viewed Chase as a criminal and tried to have him arrested many times. Chase imprisoned Diggle in the Arrowcave until Chase's old mentor Talia showed up. Talia killed Diggle in an explosion to protect the team and Chase later murdered Talia for killing an innocent man. In this timeline, Diggle has no children and his father Andy is assumed to be dead by him. I bet the Legends would not be affected by Barry's actions and I wonder how Sara would respond to seeing Laurel alive in this timeline. I also feel that Doris would be unaware of her husband's actions like in the current timeline and Doris ends up getting killed by a serial killer that Team Vigilante tries to catch like the Stanley Dover AKA The Star City Slayer. I actually feel that this would be a lot like Dexter and I can see John Lithgow playing Dover just like how he portrayed Trinity Killer. 

Thanagarian Invasion: One of the reasons that the world is such a dark place in Flashpoint is the Atlanteans and Amazons being in the way. I doubt that this would be adapted in the CW because of the DCEU and because of the upcoming Justice League movie starring Ben Affleck. I only got the idea because the Time Masters teased a Thanagarian invasion in the future. Barry went through time and he sped up the Thanagarian invasion to the present. I guess Hawk Girl and Hawk Man can become evil while supervising the invasion or Hawk Man can be replaced by Hro Talak from the DCAU. 

Resistance Fighters: Every good alien invasion needs a human resistance. In Flashpoint, Cyborg led a metahuman resistance against the Atlanteans, though a largely unsuccessful one. Since Victor Stone doesn't exist in the Arrowverse, who would leave the resistance? If Adrian Chase was too busy protecting Star City, he would only be interested in what goes on in the city he has sworn to protect. I can see J'onn J'onzz leading the resistance while posing as the D.E.O director Hank Henshaw. It would still be like the previous timeline where Jeremiah Danvers kills the real Hank Henshaw in order to protect J'onn and J'onn resumes Hank's identity to lead the D.E.O. J'onn recruits Alex and Kara Danvers into his team. He even has Lucy Lane (who is a replacement for Lois Lane and someone who has perfect military training), Lila Michaels, Death Stroke, and Maxwell Lord (who is a replacement for Lex Luthor by the way. Peter Facinelli is a good actor and I would always love to see him come back). It would be good storyline since I wonder how the resistance fighters would react to J'onn pretending to be a dead man. I can also see Guardian leaving Team Vigilante to assist the Resistance Fighters. 

Citizen Cold: I don't mind Wally being the Flash at all, Joe being an alcholic, and Iris being a reporter who works with Wally to stop crime around Central City. However, I would love to see Leonard Snart return as Citizen Cold. It gives viewers an opportunity to see another hero who doesn't believe in the "no kill" rule. Before Wally became the Flash, he was Central City's main hero, with a musuem similar to the Flash Museum. His Rouges Gallery is similar to that of the Flash and has no hesitation to kill some criminals. He was contacted by J'onn under the guise of Hank Henshaw to join in the fight against the Thanagarians. When Batman (who can only be mentioned and he is actually Thomas Wayne in this timeline) or Adrian Chase refuses to join, Snart declines as well. After Citizen Cold kills Mister Freeze, he returns to his home and saw a news report that his sister, Lisa, has been arrested for killing their brutal father. When Joe West's partner Fred Chyre discovers Citizen Cold's true identity as a former low-level criminal and that the cold gun he has was stolen from S.T.A.R Labs, Citizen Cold freezes him in a block of ice. Later when Snart invites Iris to dinner, he is interrupted by calls that his sister Lisa has been kidnapped by the Rogues. Citizen Cold tries to rescue Lisa, but the Rogues attack him for revenge on what he did to them. Citizen Cold is too late and Lisa dies. Citizen Cold is injured while escaping and collapses outside his car near Iris, who then took him to her home. After he recovers, he gives her a key to his penthouse, and an offer to join him when he leaves Central City. He then goes after the Rogues, killing them all for what they did to his sister. When he returns to his penthouse, he is confronted by Joe, Iris, and Hartley Rathaway, who had revealed to them his murder of Chyre. Snart tries to kill Hartley, however, Joe or Iris uses one of his own weapons to freeze him in a block of ice. Joe then becomes an alcoholic due to his failure to save his partner and because of the issues he has with his children. That also inspires Iris and Wally to be better heroes. 

The Real Harrison Wells: I thought of Harrison Wells being someone just like Eobard Thawne and his doppelganger from Earth-2. When Wells is in a relationship with Tess Morgan (who is also the mother of Jesse Quick), Tess reveals to him how she was from the future and shows him technology from the future to prove it while also telling him how history would play out. When the Reverse-Flash attacks Wells to kill him, Tess pulls a heroic sacrifice to drive him off. Wells takes Jesse with him to Central City to keep an eye on barry and prevent the time stream from being altered while founding S.T.A.R Labs. Wells created the particle accelerator on purpose in an attempt to make Barry the Flash again, however, he makes Wally and his own daughter speedsters instead. Wells pretends to be paralyzed like Eobard and has a secret room just like him. Eventually Cisco buys S.T.A.R Labs from Wells and Wells lives in retirement while still carrying out the promise he made to Tess. 

Superman & Super Girl: Clark Kent is still Superman, however he had become insecure to admit his feelings for Lois. Before he is able to resolve those feelings with her, Doomsday, a clone of Superman created by Lillian Luthor and Cadmus, appears to challenge him. They both then fight to the death. As Clark dies in Lois' arms, he finally confesses his feelings to her. Unknown to either of them, this final confession not only releases his soul from his body, but said soul enters the body of Lois. She soon discovers that she is pregnant with Clark's child. Days later, the child is born and within the span of three weeks, he grows into the body of a 21-year-old man. Lois is then later on killed by the resurrected Doomsday causing the new born to assume his birthright as the new Superman, defeats Doomsday, and saves the world. This is like what Tim Burton originally wanted and I think that's a cool idea. As For Kara, her rocket crashes in National City, causing several deaths. The government takes custody of Kara and initiates a military project with the sole purpose of creating a super-soldier that could be used against America's enemies. Kara is designated as Subject One. Kara had become a solitary and very thin woman. Barry, J'onn, and Batman or Vigilante infiltrate the labs to free Kara, asking for her help in stopping the war. Despite Kara being socially awkward, Flash and J'onn express hope that she can be a hero. Barry even calls her Supergirl. For the first time in years, Kara is exposed to Earth's yellow sun. Unfortunately, General Lane & U.S. soldiers attack the heroes in an attempt to reclaim Kara. In that moment, Kara unwittingly activates his heat vision and kills the soldiers. Shocked by her actions, Kara flies away. I'm hoping that Flashpoint merged Barry's earth into Kara's for a while until Barry decides to set things back to how it was originally.