Hey guys, 

I thought about what other people said about my previous post and this time I have even better ideas. I can honestly see Anatoly Kynavez and the Bratva being the main villians, however, I still want to see the Stanley Dover AKA The Star City Slayer. Down below are my new ideas 

Introduce The Star City Slayer: Stanley Dover is introduced as the Star City Slayer. Dover is just like what he is in the comics where he hunts down young boys and girls, murders them, and uses their blood as a means of baiting a demonic entity known as The Beast With No Name. When the Green Arrow is saving Dover from some muggers, he gets injured and Dover manages to nurse him back to health. Dover discovers that the Green Arrow is none other than Mayor Oliver Queen and the two become friends. Dover masquerades as an independently wealthy homosexual even though he secretly is a serial killer. He starts to become the financial benefactor of Team Arrow. Eventually, Dover reveals the truth about himself to Oliver and he captures him, ties him down, and attempts to perform a ritual to transfer their minds. Before he can do so, the monster appears. While Team Arrow saves Ollie, the monster eats Dover. Since Dover had the intention of living out his life in Oliver Queen's body, he had arranged his will so that all of his earthly assets would be left to Oliver. Oliver uses the money for other things, like establishing the Star City Youth Center and he could use it to help the city as a means of saving the taxpayers money (I bet that would make Queen look good in front of the public if he could do that). While investigating the Star City Slayer, I like to see Green Arrow tackle some corrupt officials in the Mayor's office like Freddy Dreyfus and confront Harold Leeds, who is the Star City comptroller in the comics. I like to see either Oliver or the Green Arrow confronting Leeds to know why he closed down the Star City Youth Recreational Center. I know Stephen Amell disapproves of having magic being brought back onto the show, however, I miss John Constantine and I would love for him to come back. Dover's presence could bring back Constantine. 

More Thea Queen: After the events of the season 5 finale, I can see Thea mourning Malcolm Merlyn's death. Thea replaces Mia Dearden by working at the Star City Youth Center and befriending Dover. I also like for her to build Queen Inc like in the 2024 newspaper on The Flash while building atop Merlyn Global Group. I can see Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Curtis Holt, and Walter Steel coming back because of this. Felicity and Curtis can help Thea with the tech development part, Diggle can be her head of security, and Steel can be like Lucius Fox where he he has the midas touch. I can see Steel helping Thea by giving her business advice and helping her in anyway he can out of loyalty to Robert and Moira Queen. With help from Curtis, Felicity, and some other science whizes, Curtis and Felicity can develop innovated technology such as Q-Pad and Q-Phone that become huge hits around the world. This can be like in the New 52. Perhaps, we can also introduce characters from the New 52 such as Naomi Singh (a computer scientist serving under Felicity Smoak), Adrien Rivers (as Thea's executive assistant), Jimmy Crew, and Sofia Cordon. However, there are too many characters. Thea can honor Malcolm by becoming Speedy again. 

The Bratva: An undercover cop infiltrates the Bratva and ends up getting murdered which is why Lance decides to harass the high ranking Bratva member that ordered the hit to happen as well as murdering the undercover cop's wife. A group of renegade officers decide to take matters into their own hands and the Bratva member that Lance is against thinks Quentin is responsible. So the member kidnaps Lance for revenge only for Lance to survive since the undercover officers only wanted this so they can capture the Bratva member for kidnapping the deputy mayor. Anatoly learns of this and comes to Star City to do research on Lance eventually finding out that he is affiliated with Team Arrow. I wonder how Lance would react to Oliver's past association with the Bratva, I bet he doesn't know about it. This will be Team Arrow V.S the Bratva. Anatoly eventually becomes KG Beast. As for the Bratva, I can see some of the members still being loyal to Anatoly and some members turning against him since they feel that his obsession with Team Arrow is bad for business. This would also be another good opportunity to bring back Christopher Chance AKA The Human Target. 

The Unmask of Vigilante: I honestly doubt that Tommy Merlyn is the Vigilante because in Legends of Tomorrow, Vigilante's mask was used as Damian Dark's trophy case and I doubt that Malcolm would kill his own son. I also have doubts that it's Roy since Vigilante seems too tall to be him. I honestly think that it could be Frank Pike or Brian Nudocerdo. We never go to see Pike and the Vigilante together. Ever since Pike got stabbed, we haven't seen Vigilante. It could also be Commissioner Nudocerdo who ends up becoming like Captain Nathaniel Barnes from Gotham ​or Pike. I have a theory that Vigilante could be a police officer because in the episode he appeared in, how did he know where Eric Dunn was hiding when he shot up the motel. He either has a leak in the SCPD or he is a member of the SCPD. Where did he get those gadgets? Perhaps, he took it from the ACU without them knowing since he's a ranked member. I honestly think that it could be Pike or Nudocerdo (we haven't seen him in so long). There is also another fan theory that Vigilante is the real son of Justin Claybourne or he could be Adrian Chase's brother Dorian Chase. I think it could be either Pike, Nudocerdo, Justin Claybourne's real son, or Dorian. 

More Deathstroke: I would stick to my original idea for Slade. However, I hope they make a spinoff about him like Manu Bennett wants. Perhaps the Death Stroke television series could crossover with Arrow. I wonder how Ray, Sara, Caitlin, and Cisco would react to Slade being reformed?. I honestly hope that Slade is forgiven for his actions because he didn't mean to cause trouble, it was just the Mirakuru. I can see Lyla making a deal with Slade to become an A.R.G.U.S agent. If it were up to me, I would make him join the Suicide Squad, however I doubt the Suicide Squad can appeear because of the DCEU movies. Hopefully, we get to see his sons Grant and Jericho. I hope Jericho becomes a hero and Grant becomes like his future self on Legends of Tomorrow. I wonder how John would react to Lyla working with Slade. 

Supergirl Crossover: I'd stick to my original idea of a crossover between them. I think Oliver should train James Olsen AKA Guardian and that Winn should meet Felicity Smoak. The relationship between Kara and Oliver could be like Clark and Oliver from Smallville. However, that it whether or not Arrow will allow their characters to travel to other universes. Oliver can train James and Felicity can meet Winn during the four way crossover next year. 

The Return of Hannibal Bates: Hannibal Bates was the first character from the List to appear on The Flash. I would love to see Hannibal come back as result of Flashpoint. At the start, Hannibal can wake up naked in an alley with amesia and believe himself to be Oliver Queen. Hannibal then returns to "his" home only to be confronted by the real Green Arrow. Dinah Drake identifies the fake by the stab wound on his neck and rallies with Green Arrow to fight him. Hannibal gets away, impersonates, Ray Palmer until a DNA test proves that to be false, and he teams up with Cupid. While teaming up with Cupid, thus renaming himself as Dark Arrow. The couple tries to kill Team Arrow, Cupid injects Hannibal with a "love potion" to make him under her thrall, they escape again when Green Arrow, Speedy, and Black Canary confront them after surviving their explosion, and Cupid later kills Hannibal declaring their relationship "a rebound thing". We've seen a lot of crazier things happen in the Arrowverse, so why not this? 

Consequences of Season 5: ​​ I like to see some consequences of what happened in season 5. I think that everyone survived on the island except for Samantha Clayton, who left to go search for William. I like to see Oliver be a parent to William. I wonder if William is going to be angry at everything that has happened and if Oliver would train him to be his Connor Hawke or something. I also wonder where that leaves Oliver and Susan Williams' relationship? Will we see Susan again? I can honestly see Susan being an antagonist by trying to expose Oliver's secret identity or his past with the Bratva similar to what Vicki Vale did in those Batman comics only to get targeted by Ra's Al Ghul. Eventually, Susan decides to just be friends with Oliver and an associate of Team Arrow and she leaves for Coast City later on. Or Susan just leaves for Coast City as a result of her breakup with Oliver. As for Prometheus' mother, does anyone think we'll see her anytime soon? I like to know what happened to her out of curiousity. I wonder how she'll react to her son Adrian dying (if Adrian is really her son that is).