The title says it all. The rankings do not necessarily reflect which episode I liked or disliked better than the others, but rather in the order of when they aired.

Season 1


  1. The Pilot- For me, this has to be a no brainer because it was the one that started everything. I actually just rewatched this episode a few days ago and it shocked me to see how much the show really has changed in just three seasons (and not necessarily for the better). 
  2. Damaged- This was the first episode to have a large bulk of the story told in flashbacks (besides the pilot), and was also the introduction of the Oliver-Diggle partnership. It also gave us a nice look into the background of Detective Lance and how his reasons for hating Oliver so much are somewhat justified, and Oliver even recognized that as well in the scene where he asks Laurel why she didn't hate him. 
  3. The Odyssey- This remains to this day my favorite episode of the entire series. Felicity (back when she was actually likable) finds out Oliver's secret and becomes part of them team, and Oliver decides rather prematurely that his mother is not worth going after, even though all signs point to her being guilty, signaling Oliver is still very naive. The real thing that made this episode so amazing though was that it was the first one to be told primarily through flashbacks. I don't know if you all have noticed, but every season now the 14th or 15th episode of the season is mostly a flashback episode, and this one showed us for the first time how Oliver could have ever gone from being a playboy to a brave hero.
  4. Dead to Rights- What was not to like about this episode? It had everything. The shocking reveals, the awesome action sequences, and big turning points for several of the characters going through huge crucibles. Tommy struggling with finding it in him to trust his father again and then finding out Oliver's identity; Oliver trying to lead somewhat of a normal life while also being the Arrow (or Hood as they called him then); Moira struggling with her inner demons while trying to justify to herself killing Malcolm (god I miss her, she was awesome); and of course, Diggle finding out Deadshot is still alive. 
  5. Sacrifice- Of course the finale has to be the biggest episode of the season (Yes, that was a jab at season 3), and this one didn't disappoint. Oliver righting his father's wrongs finally hits its climax and he avenges his death (or so we thought at the time). And don't lie, you cried when Tommy died. Anyone who says they didn't is either lying or has no soul. What I really liked about this episode is that it was the only season finale so far to end on a cliffhanger, and leave wanting to see what happens next (yes, that was indeed another jab at season 3).

Least Favorites

  1. Legacies- This was the first episode where Oliver wasn't going after anyone on the list (unless you count 'Lone Gunmen', but that was related to people who were on the list so I still count that as the list), and it didn't really work out well for me. I didn't like the way the show portrayed the Royal Flush Gang and I feel like they could have done a lot better.
  2. Vendetta- Oh, Huntress. Why are all of your episodes so bad? I could honestly have put all three of her season 1 episodes on this list, but I won't. It's a shame because the Huntress is an awesome character in the comics, but I guess Berlanti and Co. aren't very good at writing for her.
  3. Burned- This episode could have been good had they shown more of Garfield Lynns, the villain of the episode, but he wasn't actually seen until the end of the episode, where he simply kills himself by walking into the flames rather than seeing a fight scene between him and Oliver.
  4. Dodger- More emphasis was put on Oliver dating McKenna and Diggle dating Carly in this one than Olvier pursuing the jewel thief the "Dodger", and we all know that when more emphasis is put on the romance than the real story, Arrow is not good (yes, that was yet another jab at season 3).
  5. The Huntress Returns- I said I wouldn't put all three Huntress episodes, so I'll just put two out of the three. This was hands down the worst episode of the season, as no one cares about Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend. Seriously Oliver, you need help choosing your girlfriends (I think you all can catch my season 3 jabs by now).

Season 2


  1. Crucible- BLACK CANARY!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! I LOVED Sara!!! Why'd they have to kill her off? Anyway, before I get too off topic, before this episode, I really wasn't sure what to think about Season 2, as the first three episodes of the season were not anything special. But this one held my interest and I loved every second of it. And the shocker of Sara still being alive would have actually been a shocker had the CW president not spoiled the secret a couple of months prior.
  2. Three Ghosts- Completely aside from the fact that this episode showed the birth of the Flash, this episode is a prime example of Arrow at its best. This episode was also the first time Oliver actually acknowledged what happened on the island in something other than a throwaway line, and we saw his reactions to seeing halucinations of both Slade and Shado, and left us wondering what happened to them on the island that makes Oliver think of them this way. We got half of the answer in the flashbacks when Shado was shot and killed by Ivo. And I LOVED how Oliver tells Diggle that Slade was dead, only for us to see him alive and thirsty for revenge against Oliver at the episode's end! That scene remains to this day my favorite scene in the history of the show! Who doesn't love Slade?? And of course, we see Tommy again!! I repeat, if you didn't get emotional when they showed him, you have no soul.
  3. The Promise- Transitioning into my next favorite episode, I repeat, who doesn't love Slade?? We finally see Slade as Oliver's enemy in both the flashbacks and present day! And the look on Oliver's face when he sees that Slade is still alive is probably the best acting I have ever seen Stephen Amell do on this show.
  4. Seeing Red- This was really a tossup for me, between this and 'Deathstroke'. The reason I chose this one ahead of that one is because Susanna Thompson is such a fantastic actress and the way she played Moira's death scene was unforgettable and probably the best piece of acting I've seen in any comic book tv show.
  5. Unthinkable- Now THIS was a season finale (yes, season 3 jab again). After a point where you are left wondering how Oliver could possibly ever defeat Slade and his mirakuru army, he figures out a way to do it and is able to defeat him without having to kill him. And the action sequence where it alternates between Oliver and Slade fighting in the flashbacks and in present day was the best action sequence in this show's history. It was even chosen in TV Guide as one of the best scenes of the 2013-2014 TV season.

Least Favorites

  1. Identity- The second episode of the season, and one that really worried me about the future of the show. I didn't find it very entertaining at all, but thankfully the season got oh so much better after this one. 
  2. Blast Radius- Sean Maher is a great actor, anyone who has seen Firefly knows that. However, they kind of wasted his acting abilities here as Schrapnel. 
  3. Tremors- As much as I loved Season 2 (and trust me, I loved it a lot), there were a few episodes where I wasn't really buying into the whole Roy-mirakuru storyline. I'm glad they went that route with Roy, as it played a huge role in his character development, but this episode and a few others made him just a little unlikable while under its influence, instead of drawing empathy for him.
  4. Time of Death- This wasn't a bad episode at all, but I honestly had such a hard time picking episodes from this season that I disliked that I just had to pick one that I liked less than all of the other ones, and this one made that cut.
  5. The Huntress Returns- Yes, I know, another huntress episode. But can you really blame me? I hated the way they portrayed her on this show. While she is not meant to be among the best of heroes in the comics, she also is by no means a villain either.

Season 3


  1. Sara- The hunt to find Sara's killer and the mystery about who it could have been who killed her made this episode very intriguing and a good time to watch.
  2. Guilty- I loved the character of Ted Grant on this show. They got him almost spot on how he is supposed to be in the comics (even though he is a lot younger on Arrow than he is in the comics). This episode in which Oliver learns there were other vigilantes in Starling City before him was really interesting. And of course, we saw the boxing glove arrow in this one!
  3. The Brave and the Bold- Crossing over with a show that actually had a good season gave Arrow one of its few bright spots from this season that I wish I could forget.
  4. The Climb- The only other time they showed Ra's al Ghul before this episode was kind of a let down, as it looked like he was just some random guy in a fancy robe. However, his first full episode made up for it. The fight between him and Oliver at the end was also entertaining, and it had what would end up being the only cliffhanger of the season (SMH).
  5. The Return- So it occurred to me as I was writing this that I included every episode of each season that was flashback heavy. This was the only episode in season 3 where I enjoyed watching the flashbacks, and in this one we saw the only character development for Oliver in the entire season. Also, Slade comes back, and I repeat, who doesn't love Slade??

Least favorites

  1. The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak- Okay, before the Olicity Fangirl Army starts coming at me with "No, you're an idiot, Felicity is the best thing to happen to this show!" bs again, please hear me out. I did believe that an episode to give background to Felicity was needed as she was really the only main character remaining who didn't have her own flashback episode yet (except maybe Roy), but this episode was poorly written and all in all so boring. 
  2. Draw Back Your Bow- I would seriously like to know what was going through the writers' heads when they thought that any fan would enjoy this episode. 
  3. Public Enemy- Ok, so Lance hates the Arrow again and all of a sudden jumps so quickly to judgment that he is a cold blooded killer even though he should know that he would never murder the mayor like that. Come on man!
  4. Broken Arrow- This was just a depressing episode. Why did Roy have to leave? And deathbolt? Really? 
  5. My Name is Oliver Queen- I could go on and on for hours about how this episode was just horrible, but I'll keep it short and sweet. This episode seemed like it could have been fan fiction, I mean really, think about it. Yet again, the city is about to be destroyed, and at this point, you've got to be like "Really? Again? Can't the writers come up with anything different?" And Felicity reminds us why so many fans came to hate her this season when she once again cries and berates Oliver. And the how it ends with them driving into the sunset... yep, sounds pretty fan fiction to me, but not even good fan fiction either. The only season finale of Arrow that could be argued as one of the season's worst episodes than one of the season's best. All I can say is, hopefully Season 4 is oh so much better than this season that I wish I could get erased from my memory.

So those are my favorites and leats favorites. What are all of yours? Please comment below.