This would be a game developed by Rocksteady Studios. It would be very, very similar in tone and gameplay to the Batman: Arkham series. However, it would not be in the same universe as the Arkham series.


The Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, has been protecting Star City for two years now, after returning from being trapped on the island of Lian Yu for five years. He has amassed a family of crime fighters, but he’s also amassed quite a large rogues’ gallery. His archenemy is Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, one of Oliver’s old enemies from way back on Lian Yu.

That’s when the criminal organization H.I.V.E. rolls into Star City, intent on taking it over. They deploy their footsoldiers, nicknamed “the Ghosts”, to attack the city, and also recruit many of Oliver’s rogues to help them in their takeover. In particular, they put Slade in charge of taking down Team Arrow, pleasing him, as he longs to personally kill Oliver and his friends.

It’s up to Oliver, Laurel, and Diggle to take on Slade’s Mirakuru army, HIVE’s Ghost army, and the rogues’ gallery, and save the city. Team Arrow must take down (in order) Anarky, Brick and his gang, China White and her assassins, a brainwashed Andy Diggle and his Ghosts (who Oliver and Diggle defeat and bring back to the Arrowcave in hopes of fixing him), and Brother Blood and his Mirakuru soldier group.

After they’ve managed to defeat all the street-level enemies, Slade dons his gear as Deathstroke and decides to take on Oliver, Laurel, and Diggle head-on in the final boss battle. After a long, tough battle, they manage to defeat Slade, and lock him up in an ARGUS facility on Lian Yu.

Team Arrow has saved the city, and everything begins to return to normal. However, in the last scene, Damien Dahrk meets with Malcolm Merlyn to discuss something they call “The Undertaking”.

Side Missions

  • Lian Yu

Oliver comes across items and scenarios in the main story that cause him to flash back to his time on Lian Yu. In the flashbacks, Oliver is attempting to survive, while also attempting to rescue Slade Wilson and Shado from Edward Fyers’ private military contract who have been occupying the island, using it as a base for their plan to shoot down a US military plane. After freeing Shado and Slade, they work together to defeat Fyers and his men.

This side mission is split up into four segments. The first one involves infiltrating Fyers’ compound, the second one involves freeing Slade and Shado, the third involves fighting Fyers’ men led by Billy Wintergreen, the fourth involves taking down Fyers’ missile launcher and stopping his operation for good.

  • The Calculator

Noah Kuttler, aka the Calculator, Felicity’s father, has hidden 100+ collectible datapacks around Star City. The datapacks contain information about Star City and its citizens. When collected, they grant the player character bios, character trophies, and audio tapes, similar to the Riddler trophies. After Green Arrow obtains all the datapacks, Felicity manages to triangulate the Calculator’s location and hack his computer, before sending the cops to his location.

  • Lone Gunman

Important figures of Star City are being killed by a mysterious assassin who laces his bullets in Curare. Oliver tracks the assassin’s steps, finding him out to be Deadshot, managing to take him down before he can kill Walter Steele.

  • Acts of Violence

Slade’s Mirakuru-powered soldiers are rampaging through Star City, attacking banks and jewelry stores, mugging random civilians, and generally committing crimes. It’s up to Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel to stop them all.

  • Vertigo

The drug Vertigo has been popping up on the streets of Star City, quickly gaining prominence. Oliver must track down and defeat all the Vertigo dealers, the last of whom gives him the location of Count Vertigo, leader of the drug ring. Oliver goes to confront Count Vertigo, who manages to drug him, leading to a Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum-like scene where Oliver hallucinates heavily due to the Vertigo and must fight through it, eventually managing to beat Count Vertigo.

  • Snitch

This side mission has Laurel and Diggle (the player can choose to play one or the other) locating and destroying Murmur’s weapons caches around Star City, eventually coming across Murmur at the last cache site and taking him on, along with the other character, eventually managing to take him down.

  • Broken Hearts

Oliver begins finding dead bodies strung up around the city, each with shrines to him located by them, as well as hearts. Oliver realizes that each victim was a criminal who he’d faced off against in the past. Piecing together the shrines and the victims’ identities, Oliver tracks down their killer - Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid, another archer who is obsessed with him. Oliver manages to take her down.



  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (voiced by Stephen Amell) - The main character and protagonist, a vigilante and the protector of Star City, takes it upon himself to save the city from Slade’s siege.

  • Laurel Lance/Black Canary (voiced by Katie Cassidy) - Oliver’s love interest and one of the main members of his team, works with Oliver and John to combat the attacks on the city

  • John Diggle/Spartan (voiced by David Ramsey) - Oliver’s best friend, bodyguard, and one of the main members of his team, works with Oliver and Laurel to combat the attacks on the city.

Other Protagonists

  • Felicity Smoak/Overwatch (voiced by Emily Bett Rickards) - Team Arrow’s tech support, works from the Arrowcave, provides the team with intel and tips using her computer skills

  • Quentin Lance (voiced by Paul Blackthorne) - The captain of the Star City police department, based at the SCPD main headquarters, updates Team Arrow on side missions and looks after incarcerated criminals

  • Sin (voiced by Bex Taylor-Klaus) -  One of Oliver’s allies, a girl who lives on the streets of Star City, Team Arrow can meet up with her and talk to her, gaining knowledge and intel about some of the street-level things happening.

  • Shado (voiced by Celina Jade) - One of Oliver’s allies on Lian Yu in the flashbacks, trapped there as a captive of Edward Fyers. Freed by Oliver, works with him and Slade to take down Fyers.

Main Villains

  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (voiced by Manu Bennett) - One of Oliver’s former friends on Lian Yu, went insane after being injected with Mirakuru, nearly killed by Oliver, returns as a mercenary, hired by HIVE to destroy Star City

  • Damien Darhk (voiced by Neal McDonough) - HIVE’s leader, only appears giving orders to Slade over a phone, appears in the final scene planning the Undertaking with Merlyn

  • Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood (voiced by Kevin Alejandro) - Slade’s right hand man, lieutenant of his Mirakuru army, acts as field commander in the attacks on the city

  • Mirakuru Soldiers (voiced by various actors) - Slade’s army, all of whom are incredibly strong and durable thanks to the Mirakuru

  • HIVE Ghosts (voiced by various actors) - HIVE’s highly trained mercenary squad, attacking the city with Slade’s army, led by Andy Diggle

  • Lonnie Machin/Anarky (voiced by Alexander Calvert) - The first boss fought by Oliver, a crazy anarchist bent on bombing many important buildings around the city

  • Danny Brickwell/Brick (voiced by Vinnie Jones) - The second boss fought by Team Arrow, leader of a large gang of criminals, sent by Slade to take over the Glades

  • Chien Na Wei/China White (voiced by Kelly Hu) - The third boss fought by Team Arrow, leader of the Chinese Triad, took over the North District of the city, takes a group of policemen who attempted to take the District back hostage

  • Andy Diggle (voiced by Eugene Byrd) - John’s brother, thought to have been killed years earlier, brainwashed into becoming a HIVE lieutenant and the ground leader of HIVE’s Ghosts, defeated by John and Oliver and brought to the Arrowcave in order to reverse his brainwashing

Side Mission Villains

  • Carrie Cutter/Cupid (voiced by Amy Gumenick) - A woman with an obsession with the Green Arrow, completely psycho and dedicated to getting him to notice her, even if she has to go on a killing spree

  • Michael Amar/Mumur (noises by Dee Bradley Baker) - A mob boss with his mouth sewn shut, has several weapons caches around Star City.

  • Noah Kuttler/The Calculator (voiced by Tom Amandes) - Felicity’s father and a cyberterrorist, has hidden several datapacks around Star City for Team Arrow to find.

  • Count Vertigo (voiced by Seth Gabel) - Leader of a crime ring that deals the drug Vertigo, manages to drug Oliver and send him into a crazy, hallucinogenic world when Oliver tracks him down

  • Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (voiced by Michael Rowe) - An assassin who has come to Star City to assassinate many important figures - Walter Steele, Malcolm Merlyn, Simon Stagg, Frank Chen, and Adam Hunt

  • Edward Fyers (voiced by Sebastian Dunn) - Leader of the mercenary unit on Lian  Yu, aiming to take down a US military plane soon to fly over the island

  • Billy Wintergreen (voiced by Jeffrey Robinson) - Fyers’s second-in-command on the island, a former friend of Slade’s, killed by Slade

Other Characters

  • Walter Steele (voiced by Colin Salmon) - A businessman and Oliver’s stepfather, saved from being assassinated by Deadshot by Oliver

  • Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer (voiced by John Barrowman) -  Seen to the public as a legit businessman and the CEO of Merlyn Global Group, secretly a vigilante seeking to “purify” Star City, begins working with Damien Darhk on a project called The Undertaking at the end of the game. Character bio found by scanning the Merlyn Global Group building.

  • Frank Chen - Deadshot’s first victim, his body is found floating in Star City Bay by Oliver, alerting him to Deadshot’s presence in Star City

  • Simon Stagg - Deadshot’s second victim, found dead in his limousine by Oliver

  • Isaac Stanzler - Street thug, Cupid’s first victim

  • Ted Gaynor - Corrupt bodyguard, Cupid’s second victim

  • Cyrus Vanch - Career criminal, Cupid’s third victim

  • Derek Reston - Bank robber, Cupid’s fourth victim

Referenced in Character Bios Only

  • Thea Queen/Speedy - Oliver’s sister and a member of Team Arrow, she and Roy are mentioned to be in Hub City, working to take down a crime ring. Character bio found by scanning her costume on a stand in the Arrowcave.

  • Roy Harper/Arsenal - Thea’s boyfriend and a member of Team Arrow, he and Thea are mentioned to be in Hub City, working to take down a crime ring. Character bio found by scanning a red hoodie hanging on a clothesline

  • Sara Lance/The Canary - Laurel’s sister and a member of Team Arrow, she is mentioned to be training in East Asia. Character bio found by scanning a wanted poster for The Canary

  • Ray Palmer/The Atom - An ally of Team Arrow and a superhero with the power to shrink. Character bio found by scanning the Palmer Tech sign on the roof of its building

  • Moira Queen - Oliver and Thea’s mother, mentioned by Walter to be at home. Character bio found by scanning a bench with a plaque that says “Donated by the Queen family”.

  • Robert Queen - Oliver and Thea’s father, died before the events on Lian Yu. Character bio found by scanning a Queen Consolidated truck.

  • Nyssa al Ghul - Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter and an ally of Team Arrow. Character bio found by scanning a letter from Nyssa to Laurel in the Arrowcave.

  • Barry Allen/The Flash -  An ally of Team Arrow and a superhero with the power to run at superhuman speeds. Character bio found by scanning picture in SCPD of him and Green Arrow standing next to each other

  • Ra’s al Ghul - The leader of the League of Assassins, incredible longevity. Character bio found by scanning a League of Assassins sword stabbed into a building.

  • Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress - An ally of Team Arrow and a vigilante. Character bio found by scanning a poster for a movie based off of her called “Huntress”.

  • Leonard Snart/Captain Cold - A criminal and supervillain with a Cold Gun who operates in Central City. Character bio found by scanning prototype Cold Gun that’s in along with the rest of Murmur’s weapons in the final weapons cache.

  • Amanda Waller - The director of ARGUS. Character bio found by scanning folder that says “Suicide Squad” in Count Vertigo’s hideout

  • Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger - An assassin who uses clawed brass knuckles. Character bio found by scanning his brass knuckles in the SCPD’s evidence room.

  • William Tockman/Clock King - A criminal mastermind obsessed with timing. Character bio found by scanning a building called “Tockman’s Watch Repair”.

  • Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang - An Australian assassin who uses specialized boomerangs. Character bio found by scanning a crashed car with a boomerang through the back window, implying Boomerang caused it to crash.

  • Simon Lacroix/Komodo - An assassin who also uses archery as his M.O. Character bio found by scanning a motorcycle with a bow and quiver in its sidecar.


  • Green Arrow runs across rooftops and swing through the city using his grappling hook arrow in place of Batman’s gliding and grappling.

  • Felicity Smoak serves as your Oracle, working as tech support.

  • The player switches between playing as Oliver, Laurel, and Diggle.

  • Each character has a different fighting style: Diggle is more brutal and hand-to-hand focused, Laurel is more stealth and predator-based, like Catwoman in Arkham City. Oliver, meanwhile, is the main character you’d play as and would be a mix of both.

  • The combat and predator systems stay the same.

  • In the flashbacks, the fighting style is much more brutal and intense, as there’s no real gadgets.

  • Once they are defeated, villains are locked up in SCPD’s holding cells.

  • Arrowcave - Similar to Panessa Studios/Batcave

  • SCPD - Used to lock up villains and learn about new side missions, similar to the GCPD in Arkham Knight

  • Sin can be met and talked to for information

Gadgets Oliver

  • Archer vision - Similar to Detective vision, through his mask

  • Arrow - Similar to the Batarang

  • Explosive arrow - Similar to the explosive gel

  • Grappling hook arrow - Similar to the Batclaw

  • Line launching arrow - Similar to the Line Launcher

  • Hacking arrow - Similar to the cryptographic sequencer

  • Electric arrow - Similar to the Sonic Batarang

  • Freeze arrow - Similar to the Freeze Blast

  • Smoke arrow - Similar to the smoke bomb


  • Canary vision - Similar to detective vision, through her mask

  • Batons - Similar to the bolas

  • Grappling hook - Similar to Catwoman’s whip

  • Canary Cry - Powerful attack that throws enemies back, requires recharge time


  • Knockout darts - Shot from gun, similar to Nightwing’s wrist dats

  • Combat baton - Similar to Nightwing’s escrima sticks

  • Throwing baton - Similar to Batarangs