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  • MrMPS2002


    This would be a game developed by Rocksteady Studios. It would be very, very similar in tone and gameplay to the Batman: Arkham series. However, it would not be in the same universe as the Arkham series.


    The Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, has been protecting Star City for two years now, after returning from being trapped on the island of Lian Yu for five years. He has amassed a family of crime fighters, but he’s also amassed quite a large rogues’ gallery. His archenemy is Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, one of Oliver’s old enemies from way back on Lian Yu.

    That’s when the criminal organization H.I.V.E. rolls into Star City, intent on taking it over. They deploy their footsoldiers, nicknamed “the Ghosts”, to atta…

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  • MrMPS2002

    Hey everyone.

    I love the idea of the particle accelerator prison, but there's one thing that bugs me: What were the cells originally supposed to be?

    Like, why did the original particle accelerator just have cells sitting there? I know that in "Things You Can't Outrun" Dr. Wells talked about how there were cavities in the particle accelerator, but the cells look nothing like cavities, and if they were cavities, why could they open up?

    Also, why can the cells move? We see the Mist's cell moving in the end scene of "Power Outage", and we see them hanging in different positions in the shot of the particle accelerator in "Things You Can't Outrun."

    All these things are very confusing to me, so could someone please explain to me just what the heck is…

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  • MrMPS2002

    At TCA 2015, Tom Cavanagh has confirmed that Harrison Wells is the man in the yellow suit!

    "Yeah. Sure. He's the man in the yellow suit"

    Discuss what you think about this reveal in the comments! 

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