So who's seen the latest episode, "Betrayal"? I have, and wow was it as fantastic as ever! So much to talk about, especially Ollie "You have failed this city"-ing his mother, but surely the most interesting part I want to point out is Deathstroke. When Oliver finds Slade's Deathstroke mask, Slade justifies this by telling Oliver that he and his partner wear the same "balaclavas", and they're from the ASIS. However, what intrigues me most is that he describes the other Deathstroke as "another guy". As if.. he's almost another side of Slade. THAT'S RIGHT!

At the moment, it's only really speculation, but in the comics Deathstroke had dissociative identity disorder (DID), so I'm sure it could easily be happening here.

I'd also like to mention the latest trailer for the upcoming episode, "The Odyssey". Both Slade and the other Deathstroke seem to appear. But more interesting is when Oliver faces off against the "other guy". Ollie's got a pretty hurt expression on his face. Is this just because the guy cut his stomach with a katana? Or is this perhaps something more ominous, such as the foreshadowed "Betrayal"? I for one did not really see any actual betrayal in the episode, as far as I remember.

Till next time!