This week holds plenty of news to keep your thirsts quenched!

The first of these pieces of news is the second episode's title. Recently, GreenArrowTV were lucky enough to discover the title of it, namely "Honor Thy Father". Hopefully, this episode will air on October 17, a week after the first episode. Apparently the episode will involve Chinese mafia, and might include a character named Nocenti. The name references Ann Nocenti, who has the privilege of being the current head writer of the Green Arrow comics, but will soon transfer over to Catwoman.

The next bit of news regards Comic-Con. Firstly, everyone that enters Comic-Con receives a bag. This year, the international Arrow promotional image, as can be seen in my last blog post, will be one of the featured pictures on some of them. The bag can be seen at the bottom of the blog post. The final, and most exciting piece of news, still regarding Comic-Con, is that a 10-page Arrow comic book will be distributed at a currently unknown booth. The comic book details events happening between "Pilot" and "Honor Thy Father". TV Guide, who first announced this news, quote Andrew Kreisberg: "To us those 10 pages are canon, and [for] anyone who grabs a copy: Hold onto it and as the series progresses, you'll appreciate it more and more." To them the comment seems to be hinting at Deathstroke, a character whose mask was seen in a recent trailer (and later confirmed by one of the main fellows, I can't recall who). The comic book has been written by a lineup of talented people, including Kreisberg himself.

Hope you were happy with this week's pile of news!

Comic-Con 2012 Arrow bag