For a while now it's been coming; for a while it's been planned to transform this wiki to a much bigger, brighter wiki, and this all started when it announced there'd be a pilot for The Flash. From there, we knew straight away that this wouldn't just be a simple Arrow wiki like it'd originally been built, but going forward it would be a collaborative resource for an entire universe!

That's why today, I'm happy to announce that the Arrow Wiki has made a leap and made that transformation: I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the brand new:

Arrow & The Flash Wiki

You'll notice that the wiki's got a totally new look, aimed to fit in line with the colours of both Arrow and The Flash, as well as a brilliant new background incorporating both shows. On top of that, a new main page was designed, aimed both to be different from our previous one and to incorporate the growing universe built from Arrow.

There's only a few more technical loose ends that need to be tied up, but from here on out (unless of course we get lucky enough to be able to incorporate a third series!) you'll be readers and editors of not the Arrow Wiki, but the Arrow & The Flash Wiki!

On a sidenote, I'd also like to mention a special addition we'll be adding to the wiki in a little less than a week, specifically relating to character infoboxes, making it much easier and nicer to browse, so look out for that!