Over the next few weeks around the wiki, you'll be seeing quite a number of major changes to the wiki! As of today you'll notice that a page for The Flash pilot has been created! We'll be starting to integrate The Flash in to the wiki, including in crediting actors and crew, as well as appearance sections; more on that will be explained in detail later!

Also having been added is the new episode infobox! Not only has a new design been implemented, it now has a function to switch between Arrow and The Flash-specific colours! You can see examples of those on Pilot (Arrow) and Pilot (The Flash). We'll start to integrate these to other infoboxes and eventually every infobox will use this design (along with the color-switching, where needed).

On a last note, I'll admit I've been a tad lazy in terms of editing, however hopefully a lot more content should be coming in within the coming weeks, though of course we're a community, so everyone's help is absolutely appreciated!

Till next time!