For a while the wiki's used the Wikia chat for general discussion about the wiki and the shows in general, however today we'll be implementing a new form of chat: IRC.

If you don't know what IRC is, it stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's essentially the same as the Wikia chat, though for us it's a little more versatile and customisable. It's simple as can be, really, and it's a little more reliable in terms of joining, not to mention you can even notify a user when you've messaged them (especially if it's urgent!). From here on out we'll be using IRC as the primary means of chatting, and before the new seasons air we'll be phasing out Wikia chat.

I'm sure many of you are already familiar with how IRC actually works, however if you're not then it'd be a great idea to go check out the article on our wiki regarding how to join. Likewise, make sure all of you brush up on the wiki's IRC policy before joining the channel, and I'm sure we'll all be chatting in no time!