It's recently come to my attention that, while we do allow spoilers on the wiki, some spoilers are massive. One that comes to mind is the fact that Sara is The Canary. That was revealed a while back, and honestly it ruins our viewing experience as fans.

So what I thought I'd do, considering Arrow Wiki seems to be growing, and we actually have a small-ish community, is ask for your opinion: should Arrow Wiki house future spoilers? I was thinking something along the lines of what Tardis Data Core does. They allow episode titles and such on the appropriate pages (that is, season pages and in our case, the list of episodes), but other than that, that's really all they allow in terms of future spoilers.

In my opinion, this works a whole lot better, and as editors, the future episodes aren't ruined for anyone, including ourselves!

I don't think I'll make a poll, just feel free to comment on this and voice your opinion, and by Saturday, I'll make a decision as to how we'll view spoilers.

So to reiterate, should we allow future spoilers on the wiki, and in saying that how much? Just episode titles? Let me hear your opinions!

I left the comments open for a while longer, and I've finally come to a decision. On a whole I think that it'd be nice to be able to read about Arrow. Though I don't really think people would appreciate confirmed spoilers like Sara is The Canary or Malcolm is alive being right in their faces and ruining their viewing experience. These sort of spoilers can easily be Googled if they want, but at least for now we won't include such spoilers on here, and further we won't include future spoilers on mainspace pages (though in this case I don't mean season pages and episode pages).

On season pages, as we already do, we'll of course include the base details such as episode titles, writer, director, airdate etc. and I think to a certain degree we can include confirmed recurring cast and such. As for actual episode pages, this is where we specifically need to... well, be specific. I think for now we can include the base details (as mentioned before), as well as any official synopsis; though guest stars can be kept off the page until the episode airs.

Character pages for future characters would also come in to play for this. Do not create pages for future characters, although confirmed, because it generally ruins the viewing experience for everyone who reads it (and of course indeed edits it!).

Because of the amount of pages we've got with future spoilers, I won't implement the policy outright; I'm going to wait for the break following the mid-season finale "Three Ghosts", and by then we'll cut down on future spoilers.

I generally think it's a pretty decent spoiler policy, after all we're an encyclopedia, not a news site! That being said, we still will include a decent amount of detail as to the future, just not anything that'll spoil future episodes for us! —MakeShift (talk) 08:52, November 30, 2013 (UTC)