But hang on, we already have a Flash! Isn't Grant Gustin currently playing Barry Allen?! Of course, if you thought either things, you're still totally correct. Though as I'm sure many of you know, DC has been planning a cinematic universe separate to the universe of Arrow and The Flash, and just earlier today they announced a huge schedule of movies (SURELY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO'S EXCITED?!) as well as confirming a number of big-name superhero roles. Among these was none other than The Flash (later confirmed as Barry Allen), who will be played by none other than Ezra Miller, who people will probably know from his fantastic performance in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Personally I'm not sure about the casting, but I think if anything it's probably Miller's almost trademark long hair, though it's pretty likely he'll get it chopped. I'll also be curious to see if eventually they bring Green Arrow in to the fold. With 2 strong seasons up its sleeve and still going strong, I doubt though that DC will want to overshadow Arrow, so chances are Ezra won't be joined by Green Arrow anytime soon!

Also interesting to mention is that DC also announced a Suicide Squad film, set for 2016 (following Batman v Superman). It'll almost certainly have no association with Arrow's one, but it should be fun to see them take on some of the other characters than just the big-name superheroes! Among the potentials for those roles include Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy. They're all fairly strong actors when they want to be, so it should be fun to see how that all plays out!