Just yesterday on the Arrow panel of Comic-Con, they debuted an absolutely stunning trailer for the new season of Arrow', check it out:

Arrow - Season 3 First-Look02:30

Arrow - Season 3 First-Look

The promo started with a general summary of seasons 1 and 2, and generally Oliver's transformation from vengeance to heroics, which the third season will seemingly focus a large amount on. For those that either can't watch the trailer or are just lazy, here's a recap of what followed, it includes quite a bit of great content:

  • "A man can not live by two names" - Maseo Yamashiro, Oliver's new handler in the flashbacks, speaks to him in what may be the season premiere.
  • Oliver gives a speech to a group of people in Queen Consolidated - possibly a board of directors deciding whether he should run the company?
  • Laurel remarks about Oliver and her now being business partners.
  • A new bidder for Queen Consolidated, Ray Palmer, makes a fast entrance - BRANDON ROUTH!!!! Surely I'm not the only one super pumped for his arrival!
  • Oliver requests that Diggle no longer work in the field (presumably due to impending parental commitments) and Dig gets angry at the mere thought of Oliver ditching him.
  • Werner Zytle, aka Vertigo (guest star Peter Stormare), the new supplier of the Vertigo drug, notes how Oliver seems to continuously survive great odds.
  • Sara makes her return to Starling after she left in the last season finale.
  • Sara encourages Oliver to pursue a normal life, leading to....
  • "Felicity, would you like to go out to dinner with me?" OLICITY CONFIRMED
  • At dinner, the two chat about Oliver's time away from Lian Yu, flashing back to Oliver running, fighting and being generally menacing to Amanda Waller.
  • "And you should know it's extremely easy to kill someone the world thinks is already dead." I think I'm loving Waller more and more!
  • A montage of scenes, including Roy fully suited up in his getup we saw the other day, a near-bald Captain Lance, Clark Kent Ray Palmer suggesting "Star City" and a dirty Oliver leaning over a bloodied-up, unconscious Felicity.
  • "You have failed this CITY" *smacks camera*

I'm feeling like a little kid on Christmas right about now! Any bits you guys find interesting?

UPDATE: A slightly longer promo has been released featuring a suspenseful clip introducing season 3's new Big Bad, which can be read here!