Of course, Comic-Con time is just a treasure trove of goodies in terms of spoilers! The latest in the long line of them is possibly the biggest yet, the season's new big bad! Who is it, you ask? I won't keep you waiting: RA'S AL GHUL! It's definitely a bold move for the writers, but I'm super excited to see what direction they take him, especially how they'll finish his arc (how could one possibly defeat Ra's al Ghul?!).

The wonderful Arrow team has also put together a promo for the new character. Warner Bros. earlier today put the clip online, proceeded by the earlier released promo trailer, see it below:

ARROW Season 3 Preview — with Ra’s al Ghul03:15

ARROW Season 3 Preview — with Ra’s al Ghul

They've yet to cast Ra's, but surely once we see his face it'll be as menacing as his epic costume!