Arrow special edition chapter cover

As some of you probably know, a comic book tie-in with Arrow was distributed recently at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. The cover of it can be seen to the right, with the eponymous character, Arrow, donning the front page.

Also, in more recent news, DC Entertainment released the comic online for totally free, and it can be gotten here. You must either have a credit card (though it costs nothing), or a comiXology account.

After having read it, I thought it was quite short, but I'm sure in the future plenty more tie-ins will be released, as was done with Smallville, the CW's other DC superhero show, when they decided to release an eleventh season in comic book form.

One last thing, and it regards a comment by Andrew Kreisberg. In my last blog post, I quoted him as saying "Hold onto it and as the series progresses, you'll appreciate it more and more." Apparently this may or may not have been hinting towards Deathstroke, whose mask was definitely seen in the trailer, and was on display at the DC booth. I personally couldn't find anything related towards Deathstroke, so I'm curious as to what his comment actually does mean.