So now that there's pictures of the the new Team Arrow on set, I thought I would talk about their costumes and how I hope they play into Season Five.

Mr. Terrific: By far my favorite costume of the new trinity, Curtis' costume looks like it's pulled straight from the comic books. With the T face makeup and the leather jacket there isn't a single thing I would change about this. I hope Curtis sticks around and I hope his husband doesn't have to day in orde for him to become a vigilante. It would be a nice change for there to be a character with a stable relationship and family. It brings a lot of warmth to the shows, like the West Family or the Lances or Danvers. Not many other families give that sort of feeling. Team Arrow has always seemed so unstable with people coming and going it would be a great change to have someone bring in stability.

Wild Dog: Yet another outfit that seems to be taken from the comics, Wild Dog's simple yet efficient. As for the character, I can't picture him sticking around for very long. I'm guessing his attitude will conflict with Oliver and he won't stick around the Team much after this season. I doubt he'll die, I just don't see him as being too like able. They can't have the Team get too big, or it'll become an issue like it did last season.

Artemis: I sincerely hope this isn't her final look. I mean a leather jacket, a t shirt is hardly superhero material. And her mask is so small it doesn't seem like it'll stay on. As for the character, it's no secret I hate what their doing with Artemis. While most people are complaining about her being white instead of Asian, I'm more pissed about who the character is. Artemis was my favorite character from Young Justice, and it was because of her backstory. Constantly coming into contact with her family which is entirely made up of bad guys, I was always curious where she learned to be good, or if she would stay that way. Her lying to the Team always added conflict. While Evelyn Sharp, who goes by Starling in the comics, has already had her backstory told. Dead parents, hates Damien blah blah blah. I found her annoying and totally unsympathetic. I'm also totally confused as to why she's a vigilante. Damien's dead. Her parents are avenged. And I'm surprised Oliver would want to involve a kid in his crusade. I'm betting if anyone's going to die this season, it'll probably be her. Her inexperience will cost her and Oliver will go to a really dark place for getting a kid killed.

Diggle: Not much of him in costume, but there was a fraction of someone in a helmet behind Oliver, so it looks like Diggle is finally getting a new one.

Thea: It seems like she's staying out of costume, so I'm happy with that. Thea needs to find herself instead of being a drug addict or vigilante. Working in the Mayor's office will be interesting because, let's be honest, Thea's going to be pretty much running Star City. Plus, there's not really a need for her on Team Arrow now that Artemis is there

Felicity: Keep her behind a screen please. The actress has been training in a gym and while I hope Felicity can learn to fight for herself, do not put her on the streets. She would loose all purpose if she become a vigilante. And seriously, if they make her the Black Canary, there will be riots. I know the producers are teasing "big things" for Felicity in the second half of the season, but hopefully a mask isn't one of them.

Black Canary: Yes Katie Cassidy is coming back. But that doesn't mean Black Canary is coming back to Arrow. It may be a different story for Legends and Flash but on Arrow, she's dead. And she should stay that way. She can pop up in flashbacks or hallucinations or whatever, but if they bring her back it will destroy the whole theme of Laurel's legacy. And that's why no one should take up her mantle. I think it be rude and inconsiderate to the character, the comics and the fans if someone did. Dinah Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. End of story. Please don't put salt on the wound.

Green Arrow: Less sleeves, more green. I think the suit is just way too dark. It should be a lighter color so it doesn't look black and then there was the whole thing with the green filter last year. Just make it lighter. And the suit looks really weird with sleeves. I'm guessing they only did that because Stephen was cold, but it just doesn't work for me.

Final Notes: Can we please have a superhero costume without leather for once? It's getting really annoying. Love Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog and Diggle's costume. I'm ok with Oliver's and I really don't like Artemis (both character and costume). Let me know what you guys think below.