So from the beginning Arrow set itself apart from it's comic book countpart. Starling vs. Star, Arrow vs. Green Arrow, Laurel vs. Dinah. But some fans have wanted it to be more like it's comic book countpart. So I'm doing a rewrite project, starting from the ground up. In my version seasons one and two are nearly identical to their real life counterparts. Most of the changes are names, but there are a few major character changes. I've seen the blog posts and noticing how creative and insightful people are, I've decided to bring my thoughts to the fans ask for their opinions (i.e. any changes, requests etc.). I also apologize for the length.


Oliver Queen returns to Star City after being missing for five years. Oliver attempts to reconnect with the people he left behind; his adopted sister Mia, his best friend Tommy Merlyn, his guardian Walter Steele, and his former flame Dinah Lance. Oliver keeps up his appearance as if nothing's changed. Playboy, quick witted and spoiled brat. But on the inside, he is haunted by his experiences away. His parents, Moira and Robert Queen, were killed on a safari trip a year prior to him boarding the Gambit. His parents represented hope, a shining star in the city. Oliver wanted to give back that sense of hope like his father and mother asked of him. Oliver, using his skills taught while away, suits up as a green clad vigilante with a boy an arrow. A modern day Robin Hood, Oliver takes from the corrupt and rich and gives it back to the poor. Trouble soon arises as “the freaks” arrive in Star City. One such freak, an assassin known as China White, gets the drop on Oliver, leading to him being rescued by a mysterious woman in black. Oliver tracks her down and unmasks her, discovering her identity as Dinah Lance. The two work together to rid Star City of crime, going up against a mysterious archer known as the Magician, later revealed to be Tommy and Mia’s father, Malcolm Merlyn. Alongside Oliver’s bodyguard, John Diggle, and his computer expert Felicity Smoak, the four wage war against Malcolm and his freaks for control of Star City.

Setting changes: I've decided to just go ahead and change Starling City to Star City and do without the change later on.

Character changes:

Oliver Queen: This Oliver is closer to the comic counterpart. He has plenty of one liners and tells jokes in public. In private however he's more dark and serious like on Arrow, but still a bit more lighthearted. He goes by Green Arrow instead, a name given to him by the media. He doesn't typically call himself that, but the city later refers to him as that after names like the Hood and the vigilante.

Laurel Lance: Laurel instead goes by Dinah like she does in the comics. I'm sure you guys are wondering why she's the Black Canary in season one. Well like in Arrow she was a lawyer doing her best to clean up the city in the light of day but real change didn't occur until the return of Oliver. The Lance family had different ways of dealing with Sara's death. Quentin turned to alcohol, Dinah's mom (who goes by Dee) left and Dinah sought a way to deal with the anger she had for Oliver and Sara. She met a man named Ted Grant, who helped her with boxing. She worked through her anger that way and moved on to martial arts. So when Green Arrow inspires her and gives her hope, she puts together an outfit and follows him, helping him. Doing this establishes Dinah as the true Black Canary, not Sara (who I haven't different plans for).

Thea Queen: The reception for Thea in the early seasons wasn't very positive. While it hasn't gotten better, the only interesting thing about her is that her father is super villain. Mia Dearden in the comics is a character that Oliver rescues from a harsh life and takes her, giving her a fresh start. My adaption of Thea is very different, and while some people may not life it, it fits better in the universe I'm building. Mia was the result of Malcolm Merlyn hitting a low point. Lonely and contemplating the future and his plans for the Glades. He decided to view the darkness once more and went to one of the worst places in Star City. There he found a group of prostitues, and was startled when a young girl looked like his wife. He formed an attachment to her, but upon learning that the girl was not like his wife and was not in love with her savior, he abandoned her and returned to his plans. A few months later Mia was born. Her mother continued her...activities. Eventually her mother dies of a drug overdose leaving Mia alone on the streets. She's eventually found by Robert Queen, wandering the streets after a fight with his wife. He takes her home and cleans her up, asking her to be apart of his family. Mia accepts and feels loved. Robert reconnects with his family and breaks off his affair with Isabel Rochev. Mia becomes a more sympathetic character who looses the family that she loved so much. She discovers that Malcolm is her father while Oliver is "dead" and she forges a bond with him prior to him killing everyone. Mia also kicks her drug habit because she doesn't want to end up like her mother. Mia also becomes close to Tommy, which comes into play more next season.

Tommy Merlyn: Tommy Merlyn had it rough. His mom died and his dad left. His dad came back and acted like Tommy was never good enough. His best friend then "died" and he feels guilty because he starts a relationship with his girlfriend. He then discovers he has a sister, whom his father loves and adores. He doesn't blame Mia but can't help but feel jealous. Oliver then comes back, but reconnects with Dinah, whom Tommy fell in love with. He knows that the two are keeping secrets from him, as is his dad, and he feels like he has no one. He has plenty of pent up again that reaches his peak when his father dies without him being able to gain his approval, and he learns that Oliver and Dinah are back together and playing vigilante. Heartbroken Tommy leaves Star City (he doesn't die and plays a big part in the coming seasons).

John Diggle, Quentin Lance & Felicity Smoak: They stay the exact same because they were real well written characters this season.

Moira and Robert: I decided to have them die before Oliver got on the Gambit for a few reasons. I wanted Oliver to go out and become the party boy he was because he was sad. I wanted Oliver's crusade to become more impactful to honor both of his parents (his dad doesn't give him a book but asks him to right his wrongs). I wanted them to be the last that kept Star City good, and with their deaths came the crime and corruption. It also makes them characters that don't seem so evil.

Malcolm Merlyn: I decided to call him the Magician because he always manages to vanish quickly, and it was a cooler name than the Dark Archer (at least in my opinion). I wanted the freaks to work for Malcolm to make him a commanding force and puppet master time that even the bad guys feared. I introduced his relationship with Mia in this season to show that he wasn't heartless and was doing this for family. I also have Malcolm actually dying this season so that he doesn't over stay his welcome and to keep death an actual thing.

Walter Steele: Having Walter being Mia and Oliver's guardian adds an interesting dynamic to their family and makes him more of a major player. He keeps Oliver good and does his best to be the man and guardian they need. He offers them support and guidance and his sharply intelligence allows him to deduce Oliver's identity. I decided to kill off Walter to make him more of a impactful character as the last remaining parents, figure Oliver has. It also fits with the theme I had of this season, fathers. Robert sets Oliver on his mission, Quentin's alcoholism angers Dinah which leads to her boxing, Malcolm's relationships with Mia and Tommy is influential throughout the season and sets them on their paths, and Walter's death turns Oliver into a hero.

Flashbacks: Basically the exact same, except for the events leading up to the island. Oliver takes the boat to get away from his home that reminded him of his parents on the one year anniversary of their deaths. Sara snuck on board to try and seduce Oliver to get back at Dinah for something she did, but he rejects her, making his relationship with Dinah a healthier one. The boat the tips over and Oliver washes on shore alone.

And that's about it. Let me know what you guys think and sorry it was so long.