So this is part four of my Arrow rewrite project, where I rewrite the series to be more like it's comic book counterpart. For season four I based it off Arrow's version, but with major story and character changes. Comment any critiques, questions or ideas.

Plot Points:

As crime in Star City reaches an all time low, Mia Dearden and Felicity Smoak take over Queen Consolidated, Roy Harper recovers, and John Diggle, now Guardian and officer, basks in the joys over fatherhood as Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance prepare for marriage. But with the arrival of Komodo, the PMC Hyrax, Star City faces a new threat when Ray Palmer goes missing and the cities leadership is killed. Damien Darhk, the leader of HIVE, arrives to take control of Star City. As Roy is kidnapped by Cheshire under the orders of Ra’s al Ghul, Team Arrow faces their toughest challenge yet as Mia takes up the mantle of Speedy, the return of the Archer and the introduction of Onomatopoeia. When Nyssa al Ghul arrives in Star City with members of the League of Assassins in tow (Black Spider, Lady Shiva, Cheshire, Ravager, Katana and David Cain) a war breaks out between HIVE and Team Arrow. When Black Canady discovers the plans for Project Genesis, she is attacked by Damien himself who puts her in a coma on life support. With the casualties rising in Star City and with the Atom and White Canary now hunting down Vandal Savage, Team Arrow is at a disadvantage when the citizens of Star City themselves attack them. As Dinah is placed in the Lazarus Pit, she awakens and reveals that Damien had his agents poison the water supply with the drug that Tommy used to drug Mia. As Team Arrow battles returning foes and the city itself, Damien steps out of the shadows and kills Felicity. With the help of Vixen, they destroy Damien’s power source just in time for Ra’s al Ghul himself to aid the battle alongside the now highly trained Roy Harper (now known as Arsenal). As they take down Tommy, Anarky, Komodo and Hyrax, Team Arrow and the citizens of Star City take down HIVE as Damien falls at the blade of Ra’s al Ghul. With Star City safe, The League departs, the Team mourns Felicity, Roy discovers he will soon have a child with Cheshire and Oliver is elected mayor while he finally marries Dinah.


Oliver: Oliver never left Star City in season three, so he stays with Dinah here. There's also little to no relationship drama. As for his son (who's name is Connor), his relationship with her becomes when she learns he fathered a child during their relationship. She agrees to stay with him, but is extremely hurt. He also tells her about the child, since Samantha lets him.

Dinah: In my opinion, the decision to kill off Laurel was stupid(you don't have to agree). That's somethings that wouldn't happen in the comics, so it didn't happen here. Some of you may not be pleased with my decision, but it's what I felt was right in my story (and I was persuaded by the negative fan reaction).

Roy: I didn't like how Roy was written out. Having him taken by Cheshire and coming back with a child makes him like how he was in the comics. Him being a father also relates to Oliver's paternal struggle that season. This way a character doesn't have to be in the story but can still affect it.

John: I decided to give Diggle the Guardian moniker because that just made sense to me than Spartan did. Besides the fact that his relationship with Oliver was not damaged, and that he's a cop, Diggle's story with Andy and everything basically remains the same.

Felicity: Since Felicity isn't Oliver's love interest, there wasn't much else for her to do, besides her spearheading the search for Ray, launching projects at work to help the city (she and Micahel/Curtis both invent the microchip). There's also no relationship drama with Oliver, and the two instead make plenty of jokes together, even pranking some of the team members. Since Felicity was a big character, I decided that since she was prominent (especially this season) that it would be her swan song. It would still motivate the team, and Ray would be pissed off and be more of dangerous superhero as a result. The decision to kill Felicity off had nothing to do with me hating on the character, but was purely creative in where I want my story to go.

Mia: Having Mia also lead Queen Consolidated (since she's a Queen) gives her more to do since she doesn't have the bloodlust storyline. Mia's more of a businesswoman than Felicity, who often works alongside Michael inventing helpful things for Star. Mia takes care of other things, but also helps Oliver's campaign. Mia does develop a relationship with Alex, though he's killed towards the end. She takes on the mantle of Speedy and her relationship with Tommy is never civil (since he kidnapped her).

Ray and Sara: Since Ray was never presumed dead, Team Arrow searches for him from the start when he's kidnapped by Damien. When he's rescued, he stays on the Team fighting for Star until he joins Rip. Since Sara didn't die last season, the resurrection storyline never took place and, like Ray, Sara fights against Damien until she hops on the Waverider.

Michael (Curtis): I'm not quite sure why they changed his name to Curtus, but his name is Michael here. Other than that he's the same.

Genesis: Since I didn't like the whole nuclear plan,I went with a different one. Since Team Arrow has always been fighting for Star City, I thought it would be interesting to have them fight against Star City. Also the Ghosts, who were hard to take down in the first episode, don't suddenly become easy prey once Oliver joins the fight. Since the beginning they're extremely difficult, with each hero only being able to take on two at a time. Think Thea's fight with Andy. Except for the whole season (since they're all that hard). Also since the Ark was connected with water, and the Ghosts tried to poison the water supply early on, I figured why not have them succeed.

Tommy: Being an ally of HIVE from the start, his involvement leads to Team Arrow concluding that he will never be the man they loved.

The League of Assassins: Still the main antagonists, Ra's makes his first appearance in this season, finally showing the man that Oliver fears the most.

Flashbacks: This season's aren't so drawn out, having Oliver kill Reiter about have way through. Oliver goes to Russia, but after meeting Tatiana's parents, he has to flee after finding out Tatsu Yamashiro is hunting him down. Tatsu believes that he killed Maseo, and since Oliver knows that since he can't bring her to Star City where she could hurt his family, he becomes a nomad. He travels to different towns and learns from different masters from the DC universe. After becoming a sufficient swordsman, he confronts her. After a long battle, he manages to convince her that he didn't kill Maseo, and she knocks him out and drops him in Russia.

And that's it. Let me know what you think below.