Today, an article came out about an interview that Wendy Mericle did on Arrow Season Five, as well as a handful of Arrow reviews. Basic takeaway: Arrow is heading back to its roots. The producers heard the fans loud and clear. In the interview on Tv Guide, Wendy gave a bunch of information (and possible spoilers). You can find the article here:

Basic Points: Green Arrow is once again a killer, which causes conflict with Thea who's against that approach. Oliver doesn't know where he can do more good - under the hood, or in the Mayor's office. Flashpoint has an affect on Diggle and his family. Felicity has some major guilt now that she's killed more people than the whole Team combined. Artemis and Wild Dog will bump heads with Oliver. Thea's currently doing an amazing job in the Mayor's and will play a large role in Lance's arc. Laurel Lance will return in 5x10 (the midseason premier) alive and well. And flashpoint may have something to do with it. Tobias Church is a very cool and realistic villain that's agenda is very fast paced, coming to a head in the fifth episode. Prometheus isn't interested in killing others or in killing Oliver. He just wants to torture him mentally. Oliver is going to experience his worst year yet in the flashbacks, which will be the main causes of his PTSD we saw in season one.

Other Information: Felicity gets a new boyfriend, which means no Olicity. Thea is said to be the MVP of the first couple episodes. Moira and Robert Queen return for the 100th episode. So does Deathstroke. Without Quentin Lance, the SCPD has become corrupt and they now work for Church, meaning Oliver has lost a big ally. The producers aren't letting Black Canary go anywhere; she's being idolized as the hero of Star City and her death has serious reprocussions for the team. Tommy made Oliver stop killing, and Laurel made him start again. It's destroying his relationship with Thea and leaving Diggle broken. Oliver is also angry at himself for failing to save her, and because he known this isn't what she would want. Laurel's final words to Oliver will lead to some crazy fan theories. There will be less Malcolm in this season. They have some new fight coordinators and have filmed some of the most brutal fights on the cw shows to date. More action, less romance. Without Laurel there to put criminals away, they're going free due to corruption within law enforcement leaving Star City with its highest crime rate to date. The new team is formed not because Oliver can't be out there alone, but because he needs someone out there with him to stop his mind from going crazy. Oliver's got a bunch of new trick arrows to use. Church is compared to Negan from the Walking Dead. Quentin Lance is in an awful place. Katie Cassidy's new deal is not simply a glorified guest that appears in two episodes this season. She's in the 5x01, the 100th episode and the crossover, and will be back in the second half of the season. Roy Harper is coming back in the second half of the season. Basically, Arrow is giving fans everything they've been wanting.