Can we stop the hate for the actors? That's a major issue and has been for a while. Regardless for how you feel about the show or the characters, the actors are just doing their job. And they're doing a good one or there wouldn't be so many fans fighting for them. I mean Katie Cassidy is getting death threats and she's not even on the show. Colton Haynes is being criticized for being gay. Emily Bett Rickards is getting called stupid because her character is unpopular with some fans. I mean really it's just a tv show. In my experience, the Arrow fandom is very pationate. Is that good? Sometimes. But in my experience it is one of the most hateful fandoms out there. Many fans are upset about Black Canary. That's reasonable and understandable. But it is not the actors fault. And the Olicity fandom's hate on Laurel is something that made more sense after reading someone's blog. Many "extremists" picture themselves as Felicity and that's why they're so passionate. They want to be with a superhero. I get it, it's easier to connect with a social awkward computer girl vs. lawyer turned addict turned superhero. But Katie isn't some popular high school girl trying to steal their man. Oliver and Felicity aren't real. There are no superheroes. And fellow Black Canary fans, Emily had NOTHING to do with Laurel dying. She's just doing her job and she's doing it well. Don't blame her for a creative decision made by the writers. Don't call her crybaby when she cries because that is what it says in the script. And Colton is an amazing actor regardless of what gender he is attracted to. So please stop the hate for the actors. And that goes for the other shows. Is Grant Gustin too skinny? Maybe. A runner doesn't need to have giant biceps. Does Keiynan Lonsdale deserve to be hated on for doing his job and portraying the tv Wally West like the script tells him to? Simply because this Wally isn't "funny enough" is a no reason to hate on the actor. Does it make you "fake" fans? No. You're entitled to your opinion, but it doesn't mean you should be mean to the actors. Please stop the hate and enjoy the shows that these actors are working so hard to make for our entertainment.