As I am watching Season 1 all over again it keeps me thinking about Barry Allens ability's.

As we all know, Barry is said to be an traditional speedster, but is that really true?

In some episodes, Barry is being seen moving while everyone is put on "pause", like when he was talking to Iris in his lab, checking on a dead woman near an elevator or saving Joe's life while lightening is about to struck his car, and several other moments.

When being a traditional speedster, moving "(fast) forward", he should be able to run into the future, but he is not able to do that, but instead he do can "rewind" into the past, saving Central City from Mardon and later trying to save his mothers life. As he is also the founder of the Timetravelers, who also and only can go back to the past and not into the future from where they used to live, keeps me thinking that Barry can slowdown time to the point that everyone eventually is going backwards, not being able to speed up time.

Maybe I am not explaining this the right way, or is it a load of crap I am thinking about, but let me hear your thoughts about this.