I apologize for my absence of late but things have been a bit crazy and busy lately. I had planned to do a Season One: Comics to TV article breaking the season down and pointing out the source material where it came from, however as you might imagine that takes research and re-watching the entire Season 1 on Netflix, and I just haven’t had time. However I am going to write an article about the upcoming Season Five.  Based on information that has been released. I will also point out the characters and some source material about said characters. So it should be fun.   

After two mediocre seasons, many fans are wondering how the writers are going to pull the fans back in. Stephen Amell has said things like “going back to its roots” and “it’s a villain you can only have after about five years”. Arian Chase aka The Vigilante has been confirmed as the new DA, and will likely become a Vigilante at some point, Echo Kellum will become a Season regular, Diggle and Thea left the team, Laurel asked Oliver for some special favor (we are supposed to find out what it is this season)  before dying (after she seemed fine). A punisher type vigilante name Wild Dog will be joining the show and there is a mysterious baddie named “James”. Arsenal will be back at least for an episode or two (not sure why he just doesn’t sign back on at this point. You know he loves it.) And we are getting Artemis. Another Archer. And some mysterious character named Derek Zaba. And last and perhaps most talked about is a returning character who hasn’t been on the show in two seasons. So we have a lot to cover.  

I am going to start with who our mysterious returning character is as well as whom I truly believe is going to be the big bad. Simon LaCroix AKA Komodo. He made a brief appearance in the Episode “Sara”. Now this was in Season three but it was only the second episode. Komodo is a relatively new addition to the Green Arrow mythos, and became the main baddie in The Killing Machine and the Outsiders War. Now in these two stories it is discovered Robert Queen did not really die, I really can’t see them going this route. However I think somehow they need to connect Simon to Oliver in a personal way. When Thea first began wearing a hood and mask I was excited, however after reading the Green Arrow New52 Trades, I really wished they would have gone with Emiko (Thea is in actuality a cross between Emiko, Artemis and Mia Dearden in a lot of ways. But that is for another article).    

            Adrian Chase aka The Vigilante was a tragic character in the Marv Wolfman/George Perez Titans era. He was a district attorney in New York, when his wife and kid were killed, he became The Vigilante, eventually, guilt stricken over abandoning his principles of Law and Order he eventually committed suicide. This would make a very interesting story. It would in my opinion to focus on him being the D.A. this season, then becoming the Vigilante next season, and his suicide being the Season finale of Season 6. That would give us time to get to know the character a care about him.

Evelyn Sharpe who is taking the name Artemis. As we know the episode after Laurels death she took on the Black Canary identity. Intent on killing Ruve along with a entire group of innocent people. Oliver gave her a little pep talk and she left. I don’t think she will be on the side of the angels right away. If my Komodo theory checks I think she is going to be a villain rather than the hero, as she was originally in the comics, maybe eventually coming to the side of Team Arrow. Thea and Diggle will eventually return , so I don’t think Oliver needs another archer sidekick. There are already enough vigilantes running around. I wouldn’t doubt if she became part of Malcolm Merlyn’s group for a time either. There is no doubt that if they go this route she will eventually reform. She is a messed up very angry girl, and I don’t think a minute speech by Oliver last Season should automatically reform her.   

            Tobias Church is a reimagining of a character called Tobias Whales. A big time kingpin that fought Black Lightening and The Outsiders in the silver age. In JLU he was reimagined as well, and Green Arrow and Black Canary were the ones guarding him. His name in JLU was Stephen Mandragora. In that episode Huntress was intent on killing him for killing her father. This could be a chance to bring Huntress back for a few episodes. Which would be cool. Although since she was intent on killing her father (can’t recall if he died) I best her motives will be different. It is possible too he is “James” as I though at first, but I am beginning to doubt this theory.

            Wild Dog is a bit of a mystery, I am seeing him be something of a Punisher type that Oliver tries to reform like he tried to do with Huntress. In this instance I think he is going to fail again. Either that or Wild Dog will eventually take on a different identity.

            The thing that interests me the most is the flashbacks. His time in the Bratva and the return of the Anatoli Knyazev (KGBeast in the comics). This might be the mysterious “James” as well, especially if they are connecting the flashbacks to present day. If they bring KGBeast, I have to wonder if they are going to make him a sort of Bane type of character, if they do this it would be awesome. An Arrow version of Knightfall. Like in the actual Knightfall, this might bring Roy back in a more recurring role, as it di with Nightwing in Knightsend. Regardless I am betting Anatoli plays a part in the present day.  



The mystery of Laurel’s final request. I fear it was an assisted suicide or something of that nature. Another secret that will create drama. I hope that isn’t the case. Another possibility, however remote, is that her death was faked. I would like the see Katie come back at some point, even if it is a slightly different version of her. However I doubt this will happen.

Finally. The Flashpoint debate. Amell has said at first that events in Flash won’t affect Season Five, but now he is hinting that it might. I hope it doesn’t, except maybe merge one of the other universes with the Arrowverse. I don’t watch Flash or Legends so I can only speculate. If anyone has the info please post it, but if they are from another Earth, and Black Canary is one of tis members, that could bring Cassidy and Black Canary back and more in line with her comic Earth One counterpart.

Another reason she might have been killed off is because she will play a part in one of the DC Movies, there have been no announcements but that means little. I am seeing the Flashpoint issue in the Arrowverse as a sort of Rebirth story that is currently going on in the comics, where some events are reimagined rather than a complete continuity change.

            Another note is WWE star  Cody Rhodes is coming to the cast. For those that don’t know he and Amell have a history, they were “enemies” when Amell participated in WWE. I know little about the details (since WWE is not my thing) but what part he will play be interesting to see (My thought is he will be the KGBeast, a protégé of Anatoli Knyazev).

Well that is all I have for now. Please comment and let me know what your thoughts.