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  • Lonearch

                I apologize for my absence of late but things have been a bit crazy and busy lately. I had planned to do a Season One: Comics to TV article breaking the season down and pointing out the source material where it came from, however as you might imagine that takes research and re-watching the entire Season 1 on Netflix, and I just haven’t had time. However I am going to write an article about the upcoming Season Five.  Based on information that has been released. I will also point out the characters and some source material about said characters. So it should be fun.   

    After two mediocre seasons, many fans are wondering how the writers are going to pull the fans back in. Stephen Amell has said things like “going back to its roots”…

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  • Lonearch

    The History of Green Arrow          

    His is name is Oliver Queen, and he is the Green Arrow. All the fans of the show know who Oliver Queen is. Who Green Arrow is but not all know the history of the character from its source material. In this article we are going to look at the character from its earliest incarnations to present day.

    The first archer to appear in comics was The Arrow. He is connected in no way to Green Arrow but his mention is important due to the similarities in the title and the show. The Arrow first appearance was in 1938 of Funny Pages #21, published by Centaur Comics. The stories were very basic, as many of the comic stories were back then, he would get his own title that would only last a few issues in 1940. His costum…

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  • Lonearch

    I see the division in the Arrow fandom. It’s not unusual, I have seen it in shows from Big Bang Theory (The Priah vs Penny camps) to Walking Dead (not as familiar with this because I am not a fan myself, but my Dad is. I listen to my Dads complaints and I see a lot of the fan “camps” argue online.) More often than not, these issues eventually work out themselves.

    In Arrow the last two seasons, “the war between camps” has gotten very very bitter. In this series of articles I am going to try and address both sides of the big debate. And perhaps help put in a better light what might be happening, by looking carefully at the source material of many of the story lines over the past four season, as well as looking at each of the debates (includin…

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