So here's the obligatory guess at who the masked vigilante, Prometheus, is. While many have guessed it be Tommy Merlyn, Billy Malone, etc... I'll add to that pool with Adrian Chase. You might think this is a much weirder choice, but here me out. When the character of "James" was announced we all assumed him to be the big bad of the season. From the sounds of his description it sounds like he has the same motives as Prometheus, out to avenge a loss from season 1. But the description of James also sounds like Adrian Chase. [An "irrepressibly charming" contemporary of Oliver's] I think Adrian ticks this box so far from what we've been shown of him in episode 3. [The character is said to "just as easily shake your hand as your best friend or break your neck as your worst enemy] We all know that Chase will suit up as Vigilante and to be a Vigilante you'll have to be rather skilled in fighting.

So in conclusion: The character of "James" is said to be a man who could pretend to be an ally, a best friend to Oliver, but who could also turn and kill those he wants whenever. So far Adrian has proved to be an ally of Oliver, who even acted like they were best friends the first time they met. And yes, Adrian will suit up as Vigilante, so that immediately rules him out... Not. Like with Hunter Zolomon in the Flash, he acted as both Flash (E-2) and Zoom. What if this is the same for Adrian? What he acts as Vigilante and Prometheus? Being an ally as Vigilante and an enemy as Prometheus, waging a war on two fronts. 

So do you think Adrian Chase is a liable guess for Prometheus?