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Hello there! This is the third edition of Arrowverse power rankings. I was asked to cover for the guy who was supposed to do it, so today we're gonna look at last week's eps and rank the characters as they performed in the adventures across the multiverse.

Since DC's LOT Season 2 is over, I'll focus on the shows that aired last week, especially what's with the Legends ending up in some broken timeline or whatever. So, we're looking at "Dangerous Liaisons", "Ace Reporter" and "The Once and Future Flash".

If anybody wants to give a power ranking for a week, make sure you contact an admin or comment on this post and ask an admin to let you do it. Make sure you know which week you can do it and when you have time.

Now, last week's episodes have revealed a lot of people with power in the past, present and future. Let's see how they fit into our rankings.

Previous rank Current rank Name Image Notes
5 (as "Helix") 1 Cayden James Cayden James Leader of Helix, imprisoned by Amanda Waller for being 20 times worse than Snowden, now released by Felicity Smoak... Are we looking at a future villain, or an ally? Either way, Helix has already shown how powerful their tech mastery is, and Cayden is apparently stronger than all of them.
5 (as "Helix") 2 Alena/Kojo Sledgehammer Alena Second in command of Helix, after such a show of loyalty she's obviously going to be privy to all the secret plans the newly freed super-hacker leader has... Also managed to bamboozle Diggle and Team Arrow as whole.
7 3 Barry Allen/The Flash 2017 and 2024 Flashes Truly, the Once and Future Flash has not lost his game despite all the hardships he had to suffer. Barry-2017 shows that he's still pretty good with time travel and able to inspire people. Barry-2024 shows how much stronger he has become, despite all his chronic depression. Together, the reunited Team Flash shows the New Rogues that the Scarlet Speedster has never left Central City, while also arming past Barry with knowledge vital to defeat Savitar and save Iris.
- 4 Lena Luthor Lena Luthor Lena not only prevented a nefarious nanorobot plot and thus helped all of National City, she even saved Supergirl herself! Whatever the case, Lena is now apparently powerful enough to be approached by the Daxamite Queen Rhea for assistance...
- 5 Cisco Ramon Vibe Whatever the device Future Cisco managed to figure out, it was small, yet strong enough to keep Barry-2017 from accessing the Speed Force portals back to the past, and that's no small feat... This may become yet another piece in the puzzle of how to stop someone as fast as Savitar.
- 6 Simon Morrison/Prometheus Prometheus While he was mostly on the run for the last two episodes, you can't help but admire the trap he set for his pursuers in that arcade... He even reprogrammed one of the games just to taunt them! And, of course, was supposedly hiding under Team Arrow's nose for the whole time, and maybe buried Oliver and Felicity underground in the Arrowcave... Or was it Helix's little flash drive that did it? We'll find out this week.
- 7 Rosa Dillon/Top Rosa Dillon Whatever her boyfriend may think about leading their little operation, Rosa has shown that its her powers that are vital for their success in fights against the meta-humans of future Central City, so much that the two rule the city together now, even handling the Flash of 2017. That is, until the Flash of 2024 comes back from his long absence...
- 8 Sam Scudder/Mirror Master Sam Scudder Although he couldn't have done it without his girlfriend's powers, the Mirror Master is still the brains of the operation, and seemingly successfully ruled the Central City underworld since Savitar's defeat and Flash's retirement... Too bad he didn't count on the Flash coming back!
9 9 Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) Caitlin is only starting her "rampage", but has already managed to get away from Team Flash and allied herself with Savitar. It doesn't look like it does her much good in the future, but the future is always in flux, even though "time wants to happen"...
- 10 HR Wells Harrison Wells (Earth Nineteen) You have to admit, HR's got class. That session of his at CC Jitters, or rather, HR Jitters, was pure chic. Looks like he's the only one who managed to find happiness and success in the rather bleak post-Savitar timeline, which is an achievement on its own.

The Losers Round:

  • Diggle loses his position on the list, since he didn't convince Lyla that copying Amanda Waller, of all people, is wrong. He was also dumbfounded and stopped by a petite hacker girl!
  • Oliver just went with the flow and didn't do much.
  • The Legion of Doom are back at their supposed places in the timeline.
  • ...and the Legends are trapped somewhere in a broken timeline.
  • I thought to add Felicity to the list, but she was ultimately manipulated by Alena's friendly smile. If not for Helix's good faith (or was it?), she could have been used and left with nothing. Also her part in the attack on ARGUS was important, she had little agency beyond needing Helix's help with the search program.
  • I also want to note that, without Wally, Barry would not be able to go into the future. A version of Wally also managed to battle Savitar, albeit unsuccessfully. Sorry Wallace, but HR won me over in this episode!

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