"I know he can give people powers. Can he take them away?"
"Yes. But you can't make Alchemy do anything. He's just an acolyte, like me."
Killer Frost and Craig[src]

So, I've been looking at this page and thought of something.

What if every time we heard Alchemy speak, it wasn't coming from whoever's behind the mask, but directly from Savitar himself?

That way, Alchemy would be, alchemically speaking, the Alembic metaphysically connecting Savitar and his miscellaneous meta-powers with his cultists, as well as Flashpoint metas. Alchemy's Philosopher Stone looking like a chunk of Savitar's armor is also something that supports this speculation, hinting that, perhaps, whatever Savitar is, his "body" alone has mystical qualities.

That way, Alchemy may be... Whoever, at all, Julian Albert included, since they'd be mind controlled into hiding behind the mask by Savitar himself, before turning into his literal meat puppets and allowing the "Dark Lord" to communicate with his followers through this avatar of sorts. If I am correct, Savitar could pick up random bums as his "avatars", then discard them in case the cops are actually successful at catching Alchemy.

This makes me rethink the scene of Clariss's death, too.