I'm sure the people here heard of Godspeed, the new Flash villain in DC Comics. The Flash Rebirth 1 Vol 2 marked his first appearance in the comics, with him looking like this: [1]

I speculate that Godspeed's true identity is that of Zoom.

No, not the CW Zoom, looks notwithstanding.

I mean Eboard Thawne.

See, there is a bit of a conundrum on whether The Flash Rebirth Vol 1 (where Barry Allen returns from the Speedforce, along with Eobard Thawne) is placed before The Blackest Night or not, since the comic was written in a way that the reader may assume that Thawne either resurrected from his original Bronze Age death along with Barry, OR he just came back to the Speedforce to mess with Barry. DC wiki (although listing Barry as one of the players in TBN), assumes the latter, trying to evade the paradox.

But that's a bit hard to do, when one remembers that Thawne was "resurrected" even before that by Hunter Zolomon, who took him from the timeline moments before his death at Barry's hands, and the Zoom-Duo assaulted Wally West. Was THIS Thawne thrown into the Speedforce, from where he messed up Barry's resurrection.

Well, what does The Blackest Night have to do with all of this? Ah, there Eobard's body, without his soul, was animated by the Black Lanterns in form of the new Black Flash. His reign of death was not for long, and the dead Thawne was nothing without his soul (In the Speedforce? In the prison per Rebirth V1? Or running somewhere with Zolomon? Timeline, man). The thing is, Thawne's body was given a true resurrection by the White Entity, presumably giving him his soul. The resurrected White Lantern Thawne joined other heroes and villains of that team, before ultimately leaving in the end, saying that he is "finally going home".

That means that, regardless of the timeline, by the end of the New Earth run, there were at least two separate Eobard Thawnes running around. Separate completely, resurrected by different methods, thus not being different time-traveling versions.

Since the theme of Rebirth Vol 2 is the return of the memories of New Earth continuity to the heroes of Prime Earth, I think that there is a chance that both Hunter Zolomon and Old Eobard Thawne will make a return (with the new, current N52 Thawne, combining elements of both). And the white speedster Godspeed, I believe, is a chance to bring OG Professor Zoom back to the fray.

Not convinced that Godspeed is White Energy Zoom yet? I suppose that would be hard, if one doesn't know how White Zoom looked like: [2]