Best Finale Climax:

The Arrow kills all the people on list, The Dark Archer battles Arrow and wins, ties him to a roof top and shows him as Starling City is destroyed with the Queen Tower, Police Station and Laurel's law firm destroyed (so they can make better more gritty sets for season2), Detective Lance and Mother Queens are killed in front of their daughters Laurel Lance and Thea Queen (hardening them for season2), Arrow kills Dark Archer in front of his son Tommy Merlyn who unmask the Dark Archer to reveal to be his father (spiderman 2?) and seeks revenge against Arrow becoming the real Dark Archer, Onomatopoeia is the true mastermind behind Dark Archer and the list of names, Funeral for Detective Lance and the Moira Queen as Oliver watches in the distance full of guilt and runs away again leaving Thea truly alone (like in comic and batman), Finally, leaving cliff-hanger of Tommy Merlyn finding out the secret Arrow lair in their nightclub where he knows who Arrow is.

Best Season 1 Finale Episode? Spoiler?