So this blog post is just a simple question, what would everyone desire for a villain in the Arrowverse shows for their potential next seasons?

We already know the villains for Flash and Arrow while Legends is a bit of an unknown, unless not knowing where everyone is can count as a villain.

I myself would be interested in seeing Malcolm Thawne, Barry's twin brother in the comics, as the villain for Season 4 of Flash. It would be interesting as the major way Barry seems to win against an opponent is by going faster but that wouldn't work against the Cobalt Blue gem. Barry would also be forced to fight his last remaining family member, bit difficult considering family is so important to him.

On the Arrow side of things I think what I want will be answered in season 5 with Prometheus, a guy who wants revenge on him because of his actions during the time he was more brutal, this is a villain I think would work well for Batman as well if someone attacks him and reveals their parent died in the hospital after Batman wrecked them.

For Legends... i'unno... some sort of time manipulator that isn't dependant o his past selves, someone who the obvious choice of "Kill him before he becomes a threat" doesn't work and they would need to figure out how to stop him, his powers would be far more complex than just Retcon immunity of course.

Supergirl..... I didn't watch it and am wondering if I should...

Vixen.... I didn't watch Vixen either and really need to....

What would everyone be interested in seeing as the main villain for the next seasons?