So, this is my personal opinion of which character from each of the Arrowverse shows I watch influenced the world of Arrow/Flash/LOT the most last seasons.

Supergirl isn't included simply because I don't watch it, have problems with several changes that were made.

Show Character Reason
The Flash Barry Allen

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Barry Allen changed the Arrowverse the most this season due to the effects of Flashpoint.

The only show that was unaffected by his alterations entirely was Supergirl, due to being a separate universe altogether.

While the influence could be most heavily felt with Killer Frost and Savitar coming into existence purely because of Flashpoint, the influence stretched beyond that into Legends of Tomorrow, with Rip Hunter's secret stash and most importantly Eobard Thawne's presence, as well as Arrow with the Sara Diggle being erased and replaced with the baby who I don't remember his name.

Barry's actions also drew the attention of an Alien Invasion.

What we learned from Barry this season was, if you can't succeed minimally, fail spectacularly. Lex Luthor would be proud.

Legends of Tomorrow Eobard Thawne

Eobard is only on this list because of Barry's screw up, so Eobard's place is just another point for Barry.

He managed to evade capture by Black Flash for a long time and achieved his goal to use the Spear of Destiny to rewrite reality.

If that change had stuck because the Arrowverse writers wanted to just end their careers, he would be at Barry's location on the list. 

Thankfully, his actions were utterly erased.

Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance

Sara holds a special place in my heart, at my Shit-List.

Reason is simple, look at all the times she tried to kill Damien Dhark like... 30+ years before his true death, and then she goes right around and acts all high and mighty to Barry with regards to Timeline Screwery.

This was one episode after she also explained to Damien Dhark when, where, and how he'll die in 2016. Then claims she had restrained herself from killing him several times.

To Sara, one equals dozens, apparently.

But enough of that, she's at number 3 for a simple reason. She undid what Eobard did.

And, also, broke time. 

Seeing a pattern here.

Arrow Oliver Queen

Techncially, Oliver's actions in this season weren't the main cause of anything but I still put him here because of how his overall actions resulted in Prometheus.

Now, I think Prometheus is full of shit and just really good at making other people believe his fecal matter.

Bottom line is, Oliver's actions resulted in a revenge scheme that had an island explode.

I must wonder if that counts for the Ra's Al Ghul position, as he was "born" on that Island if you really think about it.

Also, he was part of Nate's lil thing to help out the Legends, so he assisted in defeating Eobard Thawne, however small his contribution was.

Legends of Tomorrow Nate Heywood (Or Whatever)

Nate is easily the... incentive.. for a lot of the characters higher on the list getting to where they were.

He was the one that managed to figure out the problems with history. 


Once in an altered reality.

And is essentially the guy who made defeating Eobard and his boy toys possible. 

Also him refusing to put Amaya back in her proper timeline is causing Mari McCabe to exist in a Schrodinger's arrangement. 

I hope nobody asks for her assistance, cuz her Grammy is currently halfway out of the timestream.

Arrow Adrian Chase

I might think he's full of crap, but he did something no other villain did on Arrow in that he, for a time at least, actually broke Oliver Queen.

Promethus' actions all put the entire cast of Arrow except Oliver and William into limbo, so that's cool.

The Flash Harrison Wells (Earth Nineteen)

He was goofy, he was silly, he wasn't a scientist.

And he saved The Flash from becoming Arrow. Silly-Harry was a welcome distraction from the darker nature of the show and even prevented the crappiest scene ever.

I still don't give the penultimate episode less shit cuz of what happened in the actual finale. And I think that for the next April Fool's joke we should have the H.R Wells rememberance.

And that's pretty much it, here's my opinions.