So I hope people know what I am talking about here, everyone should be outraged by these decisions and agree with me 100%

Why did the writers make the stupid decision of having Barry Allen be The Flash when Jai West, son of Wally West, was the obvious choice?

I mean.. really we should add this bit of fan outrage of an unknown number to the Barry Allen page and Flash Season 1 and Season 2, it is such an obvious decision and the writers just decided to do it another way.

On another note, why did they introduce Diggle's daughter if she isn't going to be useful to the story? I feel that the daughter should take a trip on the waverider and come back as a superhero, the decision to not do so is infuriating.

Also, not having every single evil character return as an ally for Team Arrow/Flash is ridiculous, get Zoom and Damien Darhk to be besties with our heroes despite their evilness and stuff, obviously they would be forgiven for their evil plans and murder of who knows how many people.

NOT having Felicity become Batgirl is also a bad decision, as her background of being in a wheelchair and providing tech support (sorta) for Team Arrow makes her the best possible candidate.

Having Laurel Lance not be an actual Black Canary is the worst decision I have ever seen in a story, instead they make her a human with human problems and human-ness.

I have met plenty of humans in my life and I only like a handful of them, they need to think outside the box and make Black Canary an actual bird that can screech at incredibly annoying volumes.

Death in a story is unreal, everyone knows that in real life people never die and live forever so the decision to have literally anything die ever in the shows is like taking a vacatian into the uncanny valley, have medi-gel made from the Lazarus Pit, Speed Force Time Travel, and Constantine's resusitation (I think that's how you spell it) spell inserted into everyone's stomach so they can never die or be injured in the slightest.

After all, we can't get invested in a story that has something like death occur and make us feel emotions that a character might not make it to the next episode.

Do you agree with me and the controversy of the writer's decision? If you aren't you are part of the mysterious percentage whose opinions are overlooked by the guy that added "universal controversy" to Laurel Lance (1 and 2)'s pages and the Season 4 Arrow page regarding her death.

If anyone takes this blog seriously I would like to direct you to the gentlemen in white coats that give you a jacket that helps you hug yourself.