Now that we know that there is a planned season 2, I just want to talk about what characters I would like see on Arrow and I will talk about how they could be placed into the story, how much of an impact could they have on the Arrowverse and all things Arrow. There are some heroes and villains on my wish list and I personally think they would be aweome if they were in Arrow because firstly because of the Arrow tv show Green Arrow has become just as popular as a character like Batman and Superman and if done right Green Arrow could have so much going for him maybe even a movie but for now lets get down to my wish list.

1: Artemus Crock aka Tigress - Now I know that she is not a Green Arrow character originaly but I think she is awesome in young justice and I think she could do the same in Arrow as well. I think that she could be an anti hero and this show could make her into a Green Arrow character, she could first be a normal person but then with a bit of character development and maybe with a backstory like the one in young justice but maybe altered..then Tigress could be apart of the team in the 'Arrow Cave' cause lets be honest Oliver is going to end up building his own team of vigilantes in starling city like the batfamily in gotham city and if she is a character on Arrow and if the writers do enough justice for the character then Artemus could become the Green Arrow version of Batgirl and it could also introduce villains like Sportsmaster and maybe her mother could be in jail while shes helping Ollie fighting bad guys. I just think that she could fit in.

2: William Tockman aka Clock King - I would say that Clock King could be one of the more insane and atension seeking villains that Arrow has to fight and I could picture him using time bombs around Starling City and Oliver racing agaisnt time to defuse some bomb that clock king has planted in some building. He could be a really good villain if he is done right by the writers. However in terms of fighting I think that he could be less of a fighter and more of the thinker type villain. It gives Oliver a chance to use his intellect and detective skills more often.

3: Ted Grant aka Wildcat - Wildcat is one amazing fighter in the DC universe and he would be great in Arrow because firstly he was the mentor of Black Canary and we all want to see Black Canary in Arrow, Secondly I dont even mind if Wildcat is going to end up being a costumed hero or just fighting in a boxing gym teaching people how to fight. I would like to see the character used mainly just to teach Laurel how to fight and become Black Canary. Plus I think Wildcat can be done in Arrow's seeing as how Arrow is based on reality and that.

4: Daniel Brickwell aka Brick - Brick is the kingpin of crime of starling city and he is one of Green Arrow's key villains. I think I saw his name on the list and if it turns out that I did see him on the list then we all know oliver has to take him down at some point. I think if he were to come to Arrow as a villain then it would be perfect. Laurel could call the hood to take him down, Arrow vs Brick then Ollie loses and then it creates a rivalry between them both for a while I guess and Brick could hire some thugs or mercs to take out the hood like he could hire deadshot to take down the hood. I think he could be the rival the marvels kingpin and I would like to see how the producers and writers could handle Brick because of his powers, the realistic take of Brick would be pretty cool to see.

5: Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana - Seeing as how Katana is going to be in the new JLA then why not have her own Arrow? It would do the character justice and it can make some hero team ups like Birds of prey, outsiders and even Arrow's own version of the JLA. She could be a badass character and Arrow seems to have a lot of female character kicking butt all the time. She could have a conection to Yao Fei or Olivers or even China White. I think she would be fun to watch on live action TV so why not put her on Arrow. 

Now there is more but I want to put up five because I don't wanna take all day and etc. Out of all the characters I have just metioned though I rather have Artemus in Arrow because there is so much that the Arrow TV show could do with her it can make her a breakout character and more closer to the Green Arrow mythos. Tell me what you guys think though..You like my choices?