Yes, I know it's a little late since the episode, but I finally had the time to write this.

Werner Zytle should have easily defeated the Arrow during their second, and final encounter. Let's go through what happened:

1. Werner throws a drug-enhanced dart into Arrow, causing him to see his worst fear... which is himself.

2. Arrow plus out the dart, and overcomes his fear of himself.

3. He engages Werner in a dual, and defeats him.

Now, this is where I have an issue. The drug that Werner used shows you your greatest fear, right? Well, if Oliver overcame his fear of himself, wouldn't the drug just show him his new greatest fear?

Why would the drug all-of-the-sudden stop because Oliver overcame the fear? The drug, which was affecting the brain, would just keep recycling his greatest fears until it wore off. Overcoming each new fear would just bring about a new one.

Since he would always be under the drug's affect until it wore out, Werner could have easily beaten Arrow in hand-to-hand combat.

So, these are my thoughts. Tell me what you guys think!