Hello Reader!

First, before you read on, Spoiler alert!

As of the most recent epsiode, Shado was killed by Ivo. She was killed after Ivo offered a choice to Oliver; either save Sarah or Shado. I was wondering why Oliver would save Sarah over Shado, as Shado saved his life, and was a great companion to him. She strengthen him emotionally, physically, mentally, and somewhat physically during their events on the island. We do not know what Oliver's past with Sarah may have included, but I doubt it was anything significant. (I could be wrong though)

So I am asking myself, why Sarah over Shado?

Just figured I would place this thought of mine out there, and see what you guys think! ;)


The situation of Shado's death was similar to when Oliver and Slade first met her. (They were held at gun point both times, and almost killed) 

As Oliver lept to save Sarah, why would Shado not try to fight for her life like she did the other time?