"What's Twilight?"
"You're so better off not knowing."

—Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn[src]

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First things first, this is a rant. XD I am doing this because I really like Slade, and I am afraid he might get killed :P

Well, almost to the Season 2 finale! And judging from the looks of the promo, the League of Assassins will take on Slade's army! However, that might be the most stupid move yet.

Think about it.

Malcolm Merlyn barely defeated one of Slade's Henchmen. Now, what if he had to fight 2 at once?

Oliver can't even kill one of Slade's henchmen. 

Sara's staff will be utterly useless against Slade's tough muscled soldiers. I mean, she couldn't even hurt Roy when he had the Mirakuru.

Roy has been healed… so, yeah. He can't do anything. He has barely received any training, not nearly enough to defeat a Mirakuru-enhanced soldier.

So, between an army of Assassins and Army of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, we can conclude that Slade's army would win. Plus, Slade can probably kill a couple dozen League of Assassin members by himself. So, logically, Slade and his men will win. Plus, can't he always give blood to more prisoners and make more soldiers?

Oh wait!

I forgot. The show can't possibly have Oliver Queen lose, so I guess they'll defy logic and let him defeat Slade and his army.


Now, I am not going to forget about the healing potion that Oliver has. But don't you think Slade would send like 5 of his soldiers to bring it back… or more? I mean c'mon… anyone would know that you should get back a potion that can destroy your army. Plus, how is Oliver going to actually give it to his soldiers? A needle can't puncture their muscle, which is as dense as concrete.

JθξeρhΗαωκ 03:33, May 8, 2014 (UTC)JosephHawk