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Well, Season 2 has ended, and what a remarkable storyline it has been!

In the flashbacks, we saw what happened to Slade Wilson. The death of Shado devastated him, and since he was enhanced by the Mirakuru, his grief was even more severe. We learn how he deals with this grief, and how it triggers him to grow a seething hate for Oliver Queen.

These past events dictated the main plot of Season 2. In retrospect, the whole Season was crafted upon Slade's plan to destroy Oliver Queen.

Now, here we go to the finale, Unthinkable.

The finale was a splendid episode. It was well-written, had a great storyline, good action scenes, good emotional scenes… etc.

Unfortunately, that was all it was.

Don't mistake me, the finale was a very good episode, but it didn't seem to stand out from the rest. It wasn't a special episode that a finale should be.

Let's go through the main elements:

The intro was excellent. The flashbacks showing Slade Wilson really gave a great overview of him. It is sad what has happened to him…

Now, Roy gets healed somewhat un-dramitically… just him waking up. However, Lyla destroying the clock tower with a bazooka was definitely really awesome.

Thea shooting Malcolm was somewhat melodramatic. I mean, we all knew he wasn't going to die. However his might be one of the most important scenes in the episode. We see how Malcolm begins using this to coerce her to join him.

Now, the League of Assassins joins up with Arrow, and they set out to Queen Consolidated to stop Slade. This is where things started going bad…

What I didn't like is that they killed Isabel like nothing. She was an epic character, but she had such a brief death scene.. kinda sad.

Then comes the battle in the station between Arrow and his allies vs Slade's army. Epic battle, yet somewhat disappointing. Not a single one of Arrow's group was injured, which is somewhat lame, as they were able to completely take down an army that they couldn't even scratch in the previous episode.

Another thing I thought was odd was when Diggle and Lyla had Waller at gunpoint, I thought it was very odd that she revealed that Lyla was pregnant. I mean, where did that come from? And what will this mean for John?

Thea looks through Roy's stuff, and sees arrows. Now, I assumed that she was going to think he was the Arrow, but I assume she just thinks he was his sidekick.

Oliver says he loves… Felicity! The last piece in Slade’s puzzle is to kill the woman Oliver loves most. After capturing Laurel, leading the audience to believe she's the one, Oliver tells Felicity she must not join the fight. Always the stubborn one, Felicity doesn't connect the dots until Oliver tells her straight up that Slade "has the wrong woman." It’s shocking that Oliver declared his love for Felicity this soon, considering the two have established a professional, sometimes flirty, rapport that sometimes felt one-sided. Even the final minutes of the finale leave much to be desired. "When you told me you loved me, you had me fooled. For a second, I thought you meant it...," Felicity says in awe. "We both did," Oliver says. Any bets that was some truth to Oliver's declaration

Now after Slade kidnaps Felicity, this is where things started turning epic. I was really nervous who was going to die: Slade, Laurel, or Felicity. However, none of them did, which is quite sad. With the news saying that someone was going to die, everyone was expecting that, When no one did, I was quite upset. I actually wanted a main character to be killed. It would have changed up the plot more, and given a better segway to the new season.

With Slade now trapped on Lian Yu again, I have one question. Where is he going to eat?? I saw no one in that cell except him. Not even A.R.G.U.S. soldiers. We all know he will escape at some point, and I am looking forward to that! Also, Oliver said more people would be joining him… I wonder who?? XD

Now, Thea joins Malcolm Merlyn. I have only one thing to say…

It's about time! I mean c'mon. She is the most messed-up character. Everyone lies to her, her boyfriend tried to kill her, she was kidnapped, he mother was killed… it was only a matter of time before she went off the deep-end.

Sara goes back to the League of Assassins. Nothing really exciting here… except for the fact that Quentin appears to be dying. I sincerely hope not. I really like him as a character, and honestly, killing him off will not benefit the show. He is the only non-viglante good guy.

So, in conclusion, I give the finale a B+. The episode was more a conclusion to a story arc than a finale of a season. I think it was also to set up the next season.

In the end, I still love it though. It was a good episode, and made me look more forward to Season 3!

Farewell for now!

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