Hey guys!

I have been talking to myself (don't worry, I am not insane :D) about who the most powerful fighter in Arrow is. So I decided to write a blog with my ranking of them with my reasons. 

1. Malcolm Merlyn: He defeated Oliver Queen twice (remember Oliver could only defeat him once, but he still survived).

2. Slade Wilson (before enhanced abilities): Slade was able to almost defeat Oliver (even though it was a vision, it still counts). And even though Oliver said he killed Slade, he survived without Oliver's knowledge. 

3. Oliver Queen: I do not think I need to list why he is such a good fighter. 

4. Billy Wintergreen: He defeated Yao Fei, and was a very capable fighter. However he was defeated by Slade twice.

4. Yao Fei: He is tied with Billy, as he defeated him once. But he was also defeated by him.

5. Bronze Tiger: He was able to hold off Oliver Queen for some time in his encounters.

6. China White: Very formidable fighter. Has fought Green Arrow many times and still survived.

7. Shado: Very good fighter, but not nearly as powerful as the others.

8. Sarah Lance: She has shown herself to be a powerful fighter, however, she has been defeated by not only Oliver, but Al-Owal, and knocked out by the untrained Barton Mathis.

9. John Diggle: Trained as a special ops fighter. Very powerful fighter.

10. Roy Harper: A fairly good fighter, but relies on unorthodox street fighting tactics. 

This is just a rough list I put together. I would love to hear what you guys think! =)

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