• Josephyr

    Yes, I know it's a little late since the episode, but I finally had the time to write this.

    Werner Zytle should have easily defeated the Arrow during their second, and final encounter. Let's go through what happened:

    1. Werner throws a drug-enhanced dart into Arrow, causing him to see his worst fear... which is himself.

    2. Arrow plus out the dart, and overcomes his fear of himself.

    3. He engages Werner in a dual, and defeats him.

    Now, this is where I have an issue. The drug that Werner used shows you your greatest fear, right? Well, if Oliver overcame his fear of himself, wouldn't the drug just show him his new greatest fear?

    Why would the drug all-of-the-sudden stop because Oliver overcame the fear? The drug, which was affecting the brain, woul…

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  • Josephyr

    Remember, this is my view of the finale. Please leave what you think in the comments below! :).

    Well, Season 2 has ended, and what a remarkable storyline it has been!

    In the flashbacks, we saw what happened to Slade Wilson. The death of Shado devastated him, and since he was enhanced by the Mirakuru, his grief was even more severe. We learn how he deals with this grief, and how it triggers him to grow a seething hate for Oliver Queen.

    These past events dictated the main plot of Season 2. In retrospect, the whole Season was crafted upon Slade's plan to destroy Oliver Queen.

    Now, here we go to the finale, Unthinkable.

    The finale was a splendid episode. It was well-written, had a great storyline, good action scenes, good emotional scenes… etc.


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  • Josephyr

    First things first, this is a rant. XD I am doing this because I really like Slade, and I am afraid he might get killed :P

    Well, almost to the Season 2 finale! And judging from the looks of the promo, the League of Assassins will take on Slade's army! However, that might be the most stupid move yet.

    Think about it.

    Malcolm Merlyn barely defeated one of Slade's Henchmen. Now, what if he had to fight 2 at once?

    Oliver can't even kill one of Slade's henchmen. 

    Sara's staff will be utterly useless against Slade's tough muscled soldiers. I mean, she couldn't even hurt Roy when he had the Mirakuru.

    Roy has been healed… so, yeah. He can't do anything. He has barely received any training, not nearly enough to defeat a Mirakuru-enhanced soldier.

    So, between …

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  • Josephyr

    Oliver vs Slade

    March 27, 2014 by Josephyr

    Okay, so I am trying to figure out the logic of Oliver thinking he can kill Slade in a one-on-one fight.

    First, their skills are most likely on par with each other. However, Slade did have 5 years to get his revenge, and could have trained in other forms of fighting that Oliver may not know about. 

    Second, Slade's physical fighting capabilities vastly outshine Oliver's by a longshot. Slade has more power to his strikes, faster reflexes to dodge Oliver's attacks, and a quicker healing factor so that Oliver's strikes do not affect him. How does Oliver plan to overcome this?

    Third, since Slade wants to destory Oliver, so how does Oliver know that Slade does not have some backup plan (e.g. Slade could have a clip go over the Internet showing how …

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  • Josephyr

    Vote on Their Fates!

    March 7, 2014 by Josephyr

    Hello everyone! 

    I am going to make a poll for some of the main characters, and vote "yes" or "no" if you think they will die/be killed in this season.

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