It has just struck me that with 207 incarnations across 4000 years, Khufu and Shayera are averaging only about 20 years per lifetime, so they must find one another when they're very young, generally speaking. I'm presuming that mathematics, and frankly any form of linear logic, is going to struggle in the moebius loop that LoT promises to be, but I can't help speculating.

Having said that, I'm fascinated what version no. 208 of Khufu will look like, and how they'll be amalgamated, since presumably they'll have to come from some point 2034+ if they're to be an adult when they meet Shayera, 2040+ to be of the same age as her. All of that is predicated on the concept that Khufu's incarnations follow his place in the mainstream timeline, since, given (1975) when he died, if that's the starting point he's already considerably older than his eternal love. I said 'they' in the first section because I see no absolute reason why either party should reincarnate only as the one gender, and another woman would give the team a closer numerical balance, although it would be difficult to call her 'Hawkman'.

None of this can remotely be binding on a show with the predictability of Schrödinger's cat, but I would be interested in other people's take.