Although not quite old enough to remember the early-70s Neil Adams' run with Green Lantern when Ollie originally became a social crusader and realist, I did buy "The Longbow Hunters" when it was first released (and loved it), so I must admit, I approached Arrow with some trepidation. I also rather liked Justin Hartley's portrayal of the character on Smallville, so I was extremely unsure what to expect.

So far, I have been highly impressed. Two very different seasons have seen the characters grow, and I like the supporting roles as much as the central one. There have been endless nods to the comics, but enough variations and even reversals of comic book precedent to make the show adequately independent. I for one love the idea of Anatoli Knyazev as a far less physical threat.

What Season Three will bring quite frankly I haven't yet begun to even speculate, as I'm still recovering from the finale to Two. I trust it will continue to explore the family and frineds Oliver has and needs, and to put a human face even on villainy, which is one of the things I most like so far. I look forward to participating, at least on a minimal level, in the growth of this excellent corner of Wikia.