Now that Season 3 has finally ended, I have some hopes for the 4th season. I hope this season will have multiple different story arcs, and these are the arcs I hope happen. WARNING: This will contain spoilers for The Flash Season 3, so if you are not caught up, don't read this. You have been warned.

Arc One: Team Flash Without Barry

I feel that Season 4 should open on an arc about Team Flash adjusting to life without Barry. Harry stays on Earth-1 to take HR's place. Cisco begins stepping up with a leadership role in Team Flash, with the help of Gypsy, who I think will most likely have a more major role next season. Joe and Iris are still very sad over Barry's absense. They begin to become distant from Team Flash due to their sadness. Meanwhile, Julian is trying to get over Caitlin's leaving, and Tracy is dealing with the loss of HR. As this is all happening, Wally deals with deciding whether or not to take up the Flash mantle. 

Their seperation is short lived when (insert villain here) comes to Central City. Wally tries to fight the villain, but is beaten brutally. Wally, deciding he can never be the hero Barry was, decides to give up the superhero life. He exits Team Flash and goes off on a journey. Jay comes to him and tells him that he can be a hero, and that now that Barry is gone, Wally needs to realize that he is the fastest man alive now. Wally begins to believe in himself again, but decides he needs some time to himself.

Wally goes to the Speed Force, and fights with the now returned Black Flash. He finally makes it to the prison, where he fins Barry. He gets Barry out of the cell for a second, and they have a heart to heart about how Wally is a true hero. Wally, confidence back, returns to Central City and fights the villain. He is almost beaten when Killer Frost saves him. They work together to defeat the villain, but Wally's Kid Flash suit is destroyed. Wally and Caitlin return to the now rebuilt Star Labs where Team Flash is back together. Cisco says that he doesn't think Wally should use Barry's suit in respect, but says that he has been working on something. He gives Wally the red suit that Pre-New 52 Wally is wearing in the comics now. Iris says that he really is the Flash now.

Jay returns to Earth-3, and says goodbye to Team Flash. After Jay leaves, a portal opens. A young teen comes through. They ask him who he is. He says he's Bart Allen. We would then get multiple episodes of Wally and Bart fighting filler villains as Flash and Kid Flash.

 Arc Two: The Thinker

NOTE: The 4-way crossover would happen between Arc One and Two.

After the crossover, Team Flash is contuining their crime stopping streak. However, their tech is disrupted by a mysterious frequency, caused by a mysterious figure outside Star Labs. Wally and Bart try to find the figure but he is gone. Team Flash wonders who this figure is. Bart says he has an idea. He tells them about the Thinker, a foe they fight after Savitar's defeat. Wally reminds them that Savitar and Abra Kadabra spoke of the Thinker. They decide that he must be their next villain. 

Team Flash tracks down a location that DeVoe may be located at. There, they find what they think is a crippled old man. However, he stands up, revealing a powerful android body. Wally and Bart fight DeVoe but lose miserably. He injures them both, knocking them out. He decides he'll deal with them later, and escapes. When they wake up, they go back to Star Labs. Julian reminds them of the device Savitar mentioned in the Season 3 finale. They realize what he was talking about, and begin creating a device. 

Now time for the final battle, Team Flash creates the device to use against DeVoe. They arrive in the middle of Central City. DeVoe is waiting for them. They begin fighting DeVoe, and use the device, defeating him. They take him to the pipeline. Team Flash celebrates another victory when suddenly, a figure breaks into the pipeline and kills DeVoe. team Flash runs down to the pipeline. They ask the figure who they are. The figure announces themself as Godspeed, and runs away. 

​Arc Three: Godspeed

In the final arc of Season 4, Team Flash would face Godspeed. He would be the toughest speedster villain yet, being even faster than Savitar. Wally and Bart would fight him multiple times, always losing. They wonder who possibly Godspeed could be, as they have no theories. Godspeed continues his attack on Central City, even recruiting some minor villains who would be defeated in filler episodes to pad out the length (cause CW always has the filler episodes). After all the minor villains are defeated, Godspeed decides he needs to take another course of action. 

Godspeed attacks the Central City Police Department, putting it on lockdown. Joe would work to protect Cecile, and stay in contact with Team Flash. Godspeed would injure many cops, including Director Singh. Eventually, Wally and Bart would find a way inside, and there would be an awesome battle in the police department. Godspeed would still win, but he wouldn't do as much damage as he has been, showing that Wally and Bart have gotten stronger. Joe visits the hospital to see the cops that were injured, including Singh, now healed from his injuries. 

Team Flash would continue their hunt for Godspeed, trying to figure out his identity. Eventually, him and Wally would have a one on one fight. Wally challenges Godspeed, calling him a coward for not revealing himself. Godspped takes off his mask revealing himself to be Director Singh. Singh explains that he is after Team Flash because he wanted to live a normal life, but the Speed Force storm from the Season 3 finale gave him powers, ruining that chance. He figured out Wally and Bart were Flash and Kid Flash, and recruited DeVoe to help him with his suit and training. When DeVoe failed fighting the speedsters, Singh killed him. Singh escapes from Wally.

Wally reveals that Singh was Godspeed to Team Flash. They are very shocked. Wally doesn't know how he can beat Singh, due to him being faster. They suggest he visit someone. Wally goes to the Speed Force, and talks to Barry again. Barry gives him advice and says that Wally is just as good of a hero as Barry once was. Wally returns to Central City. We would get an episode of Wally and Bart training to become even faster and stronger than Singh. They eventually decide they are prepared.

Finally, we reach the finale. Wally and Bart get Jesse and Jay to come to Earth-1 to assist in the fight. We would have the ultimate battle between the 4 speedsters and Godspeed. It would be a long and epic fight with Singh going one on one against each speedster. However, when all 4 speedsters attack him at once, he is defeated. He is about to kill Jesse, so Wally kills Singh, like Iris killed Savitar before he hurt Barry.

In the ending. the group would deal with the aftermath. Joe is promoted to Director of the police department. He proposes to Cecile, and she says yes. Team Flash holds a celebration party. However, there is a knock on the door. Wally opens it. Barry stands in front of him. Wally hugs Barry. (This would hint towards the first arc of Season 5 being The Return of Barry Allen). We would then cut to a group of scientists in a lab. One scientist says they have finally cracked the code. We cut to a tank. A clone of Bart stands inside, with a label on it saying, Codename: Inertia".

I hope you guys enjoyed my Season 4 hopes! What are your hopes for Season 4?