"Don't you dare touch Kara."
—James protecting Kara

Jacob James Nicholas Johnson is a fanfic character for Supergirl. He has superhuman abilities like Supergirl with the exception of heat vision, x-ray vision, ice breath and flying but is immune to bullets. He shows no sign of fear and is not affected by Kryptonite.


James was born in May of 1985 to Megan and Alexander Johnson. He had always admired his parents and knew about their expreiments and was always wanting to be like them. James unfortunately was not the most popular person in his hometown or school constantly being bullied in school to the point where he had almost fought. By his 11th birthday James was around inside of his parents lab when they were working one day and something spilled on him and it did not seem to have harmed him though a rogue scientist caused a fire and the lab exploded. After being in a coma at National City hospital he somehow gained superhuman abilites such as superhuman strength, speed, accelerated healing, and telekinesis. When James started elementary school he was bullied on his first day and decided enough was enough and decided to fight the bullies three on one and managed to use his superhuman strength to break their arms and legs making him the most dangerous student in the entire school and no one dared to cross his dark side. Along the way years after finishing college James went on to work at CatCo after a job interview with Cat Grant.  


  • His actual first name is Jacob but he only allows select people call him Jacob.
  • James hate feeling alone and relies on his friends for support.
  • While in he was a child James learned about Japanese culture from one of his closest friends who was actually Japanese and could speak their language.
  • Everyone calls him Nicholas at work and at the D.E.O.
  • He leaves National City after learning everyone is too afraid of him.
  • James is deeply in love with Kara/Supergirl.