1 being the weakest piece of shi% you've ever seen, or 10 being the perfect villain.

Here's my opinion on the matter:

I rate Zoom a solid 1. Zoom was not a demon or a monster, he was just some dude in a suit, like the RF was shown to be in season one. And anyone on E-2 could've easily opposed him and beat him. Literally anyone. I doubt things were that bad on E-2, and if they were, that's only because no one stood up to him, some random cop of CCPD could approached him and taken him down. E-2 was emphasized to be a hole of darkness and terror, but I sincerely doubt it was that bad. Anyone could've taken initiative and stopped Zoom without breaking a sweat. Even Black Siren didn't take Zoom seriously, as she told Barry that Zoom should fear him.