Something's been kinda bugging me for a while now. While I guess it's not that big of a problem, I do think that they should be more conscientious with who they give what color to.

  • The Flash - they should've kept Barry's lightning yellow, and not changed it to orange, and also distributed different shades of yellow to Jay, Jesse, and Wally to differentiate them all.
  • Reverse Flash - giving the Reverse Flash red lightning is perfect, because it keeps in line with how it is in the comics.
  • Zoom - they shouldn't have given Zoom blue lightning, they should've saved that for future Barry, and given Zoom maybe black lightning.
  • Trajectory - they should've made her lightning black, as a side-effect of the Velocity drug.
  • Black Flash - giving him red lightning is fine, because that's how it is in the comics.
  • the Rival - giving him red lightning was fine, as he was Flashpoint's Reverse Flash.
  • Savitar - I guess I'm ok with Savitar's white lightning.

I would've really liked to see orange for time manipulators, as like a side-effect of when they distort time, that or purple.