Now with Eobard, the man who killed Henry's wife, dead, how will Henry get released? I heard Tom Cavanagh will be returning as a series regular, but as what character? As a somehow resurrected Earth-1 Eobard, as the real Harrison Wells, as Earth-2 Eobard? Maybe Earth-2 Eobard, under the right circumstances, could serve as a substitute and replace Earth-1 Eobard with the blame, which would free Henry. However, I know that the team, especially Barry, wouldn't ever have another man (and Earth-2 Eobard is a different person than the Eobard that killed Nora) go to jail for something he didn't do. That's something he's had to deal with, and would never put another person through that. However it turns out, I hope he doesn't die in jail like he does in the comics.