1. How do you guys think they're going to handle Black Flash, in terms of nature and motives? Even though Kreisberg said that they don't have any current plans for him, he's probably going to appear in the back-half of season three, as the writers have reminded continuously that they don't save stuff for later.

2. Do you guys think eventually this show's gonna get stale, or is it going to get more and more interesting with each new season? Likable trends and gags, such as having Harry appear on-and-off, is fine, I love his dynamic with Cisco, but after a while, seeing more and more different Wells will eventually get boring. They could really branch out and put characters in different situations, for example, like on the side, have Cisco be doing something, while Barry fights crime on his own, and have Caitlin do scientist stuff to help CCPD uncover stuff, and culminate it all together. After a while, confining the story to such a tightness, I would suspect, eventually, this will get old, and also, and having Barry always needing a pep-talk to get him to succeed at something, has already gotten old. I want the Barry from the comics, taking on baddies by himself, with his speed, wit and charm, while Cisco and Caitlin bring something of their own to the story, because we still need Team Flash.

3. What do you guys think the final season will look like and what would you like to see happen in it?