I posted this on FB after seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron …

I tell my students that the heroes their grandparents grew up with, were bringing to justice the gangster "heroes" they have today, so I'm appreciating the comic revival of noble heroes, and the impact it has on our culture.
I saw the new Avengers movie, and like all good writing, here are some of the relevant themes I saw it explore (feel free to add)…
All: teamwork, the "marvel" of people's abilities, and overcoming challenges
Iron Man: the benefits, downfalls, responsibility & dilemmas of military technology
Thor: chivalry, strength and worthiness to use power
Hulk: how anger issues affect relationships and work
Black Widow: women dealing with men's anger & intimacy issues, and the sacrifices of women in some professions
Hawkeye: challenges managing career/duty and home life
Ultron: dictatorship, political ego
Scarlet Witch: women's ability to influence others' emotions for better or worse
Vision: the power of clarity of thought & vision

Others added…

Quicksilver: sacrifice for the greater good/ sacrifice for children

Negotiating free will, the ego, and surrender

It is ok to embrace your individuality/uniqueness to determine who you really are. From there we can achieve whatever we hope and aspire to do in this world.