Ok so after seeing clear pictures of Zoom's face and costume, I'd like to put my guess that Earth-2 Barry is Zoom. Wells said he created Zoom but he could just be referring to giving him his powers like all the other metas instead of like actually creating him. There is an Earth-2 Barry obviously so maybe his life was actually worse since Eobard didn't take his parents from him. Maybe constantly getting in fights as a kid, he became obssessed with being stronger than anyone else or say faster maybe? Plus Earth-2's Flash rocks the obvious Jay Garrick costume from the comics but Zoom's costume is identical to Barry's. I doubt that can be a coincidence since it would just be lazy to recycle the Reverse Flash look even though Zoom is just another name for the Reverse Flash in the comics. The scene in the speed force with Barry in prison could be from Earth 2 as well. Wells watch didn't detect Caitlin as a metahuman and there was just way too many hints during that scene about Caitlin turning evil for that to be a coincidence either. So my gut is telling me Earth-2 Barry is Zoom and Killer Frost will probably come from there as well. 

Curious to see what anyones thoughts on that idea would be.